Live! Casino Pittsburgh Announces Grand Opening Date As ...

All Elite Wrestling on Twitter : Today’s #AEW announcements include 2 - Casino Battle Royale Entrants, #AEWAllOut Merch preview ,*New* Non #BTE feature on 2 ,- 10/23 @AEWonTNT Pittsburgh Announcements

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[Local] - Rivers Casino to reopen in Pittsburgh, will have new hours | Pgh Tribune-Review

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[Local] - Rivers Casino to reopen in Pittsburgh, will have new hours

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Gaming board OKs Rivers Casino's partner in new sportsbook | WPXI - WPXI Pittsburgh

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When the league inevitably expands to 32 teams, here are the ten cities that I think should be considered for the two expansion franchises.


It goes without saying, but one franchise should definitely end up in Seattle, as the Supersonics of course. It's been quite a letdown for the city that PBC moved the team to OKC after their acquisition of the team. The city is now updating the Climate Pledge Arena, formally known as the KeyArena, (one of the reasons for the team's relocation) with the arrival of the NHL team, the Seattle Kraken. The Sonic fans have been clear and vocal since the move that they could still support an NBA franchise without a doubt.  


The state of Missouri surprisingly does not house an NBA franchise and hasn't since the departure of the Kansas City Kings in 1985. The city seems to support their professional sports franchises and has an arena downtown that could be suitable for the potential NBA team (with some renovating I'd presume - it seems nice but I am not familiar enough with the facility). It seems the market is significant enough to support an NBA franchise so it should be an option.  


The city has an MLB and NFL franchise, so it is not inconceivable that they could support an NBA franchise (being that they did up until 1972 with the Cincinnati Royals, before they moved to Kansas City). I'm not sure who the NBA fans in Cincinnati support, but I'm guessing the Cavs aren't popular enough to have strong support across the entire state of Ohio. Kentucky, just south of the city across the Ohio River, has a significant passion for basketball, so that could fortify the market/support for the potential team. A lot has changed since the early seventies but it is still a question whether or not they could fund a new arena in the city or they can just renovate the arena downtown (Heritage Bank Center).  


Las Vegas is clearly a viable option for an additional professional franchise after the city has proven it can support the Golden Knights and, seemingly, the Raiders (who already have a broad fanbase). They have a viable arena to play in and can gain support with tie-ins with the casinos to help occupy the arena with visitors as they develop a local fan base. The NBA already has a presence there with summer league as well so I can see it happening.  


I guess we will get a general idea of how much the city can support an NBA team with the Raptors playing in the city for the upcoming season (obviously without attendance given the circumstances). The Rays have their issues with attendance and the Bucs are perennial losers sans a few years in the late nineties-early 2000s (I've actually been a big Bucs fan since 1997, as I grew up in Los Angeles with out an NFL team at the time), so it is up for debate if they can support an NBA team, especially with Orlando being so close by. It is a significant market and the Lightning seems to garner a lot of support and have a nice arena downtown they could share with the potential NBA franchise (something they'll be doing this year), so it seems feasible.  


This poor city, a city I love and plan on moving to one day, has lost two professional franchises to Los Angeles (and the Rockets to Houston). Both the Chargers and Clippers should still be in SD in my opinion, given their putrid reception in Los Angeles and the significance of the city of San Diego. The Clippers are still not accepted in Los Angeles after all these years and are only there because dumbass Donald Sterling forced the relocation in the 80s. The city has struggled to fund stadiums in the past but it would be great to see an arena downtown, a la Petco Park. Worst case, they renovate the Pechanga Arena (formerly known as the San Diego Sports Arena) but realistically I'm not sure the city wants an NBA franchise, I have no clue.  


No reason to think they couldn't support an NBA franchise again. Basketball has grown tremendously in Canada since the days of the Vancouver Grizzlies and the country has produced several high-level players in recent years. The Raptors are the lone team north of the border, so no reason to think a second team isn't viable. Vancouver has Rogers Arena ready to go so there wouldn't be an issue with an arena for the potential team.  


Look, Pittsburgh could barely support the Pipers back in the ABA days (albeit a long time ago), so I'm not sure how popular basketball is in the city. It is not a huge market but the city shows strong support for the Steelers and Penguins (and I'm sure the Pirates to some extent even with their decades-long struggles). I think Pittsburgh is a beautiful, underrated city, with PNC Park being my favorite MLB ballpark. The potential team could share the arena with the Penguins so there wouldn't be an issue having to fund a new arena. Also, I know the city loves the black/yellow color scheme for their franchises so that is one less thing to worry about.  


As mentioned above with Kansas City, it is surprising the entire state of Missouri doesn't have at least one NBA team. St. Louis had the Hawks for 13 years, before they moved to Atlanta, and housed the fabled Spirits of St. Louis of the ABA, so no reason to think the city couldn't support an NBA franchise again. I highly doubt both cities mentioned would get both expansion franchises, so I'm not sure which city is the more viable option. The team could share the Enterprise Center with their NHL team, the Blues, so there wouldn't be an issue funding an arena.  


I know it is very close to DC, but if DC and Baltimore can both support an NFL and MLB team, why can't Baltimore support an NBA franchise again, being they had an NBA franchise (that moved to DC, coincidently) in the past. I know the city has had its struggles for some time, but it seems like a possible landing spot to consider. I am not familiar with the condition of the Royal Farms Arena, but the team would ostensibly have a suitable arena to play in.  
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Pittsburgh Battlegrounds: Casino Royale New Field Debut

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New Pittsburgh Courier - River's Casino Drum Bar Party shut down: “Too Many Blacks”

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Mafia IV story idea

Note: The particularly important details and music artist names are in bold text. Licensed music track names are in italics.
The year is 1973, five years after the events of the Mafia III, and 22 years since Vito Scaletta’s seen or heard from his old friend Joe Barbaro. The canon ending of Mafia III with this Mafia IV story is Vito taking over the city after Lincoln skipped town, however Cassandra and Burke are left alive and loyal to both Vito and Lincoln still. Burke was able to survive his liver cancer by getting a black market liver transplant in Mexico, like he did in his ending, except with Vito running the city. On Vito and Lincoln’s behalf, Burke and Cassandra agree to stay behind in New Bordeaux and keep the city locked down, incase Leo Galante and the Commission try anything.
The beginning cutscene is Vito answering his telephone after getting up in the morning in his new penthouse, on the top floor of the New Bordeaux casino he finished that was once Sal Marcano's, and grabbing a cup of coffee. It's Alma with some urgent news. Lincoln Clay came down to the cigar warehouse to visit her after 5 years of silence, and he has big news.
Joe is alive in Empire Bay and has been this entire time. However, as punishment for his actions, he's become Leo Galante's personal driver against his will and is forbidden from contacting Vito ever again, or else him and Vito will be killed. Alma then tells Vito to meet Lincoln at the airport to learn more, as he's already there awaiting Vito's arrival. When they're away from anyone who could listen in on their conversation, Lincoln tells Vito he has a friend named John Donovan he's going to introduce him to, hiding in the outskirts of Empire Bay, ready to help Vito and Lincoln with their new mission
Vito gets dressed in one of his signature trench coats with a suit and tie, ready to rain down hell on the Vinci crime family and their allies, and finally be reunited with his lifelong friend he previously thought was dead, Joe Barbaro.
Here is my idea for the kill list, all related to the Commission in Empire Bay and their allies.
I'm thinking Vito and Joe work with Lincoln Clay and John Donovan to split up Empire Bay and distribute territory to three other factions not unlike what Lincoln did with New Bordeaux. This time though, this is a much larger city in a much, much different part of the United States. The empire building mechanics would be a lot smoother, more robust, and streamlined compared to Mafia III. They would work similarly a more modernized version of how the game Scarface: The World Is Yours handled it's empire building and management mechanics, minus the whole switching to other characters lower on the ladder to do your bidding. This would be ideal for a story rich organized crime game in my opinion. Here are my ideas for those factions, all close allies of the up and coming Scaletta crime family.
The Cuban mob led by Alma Diaz. Vito goes way back with Alma, and she does not hesitate to answer him and Lincoln's calls to save Joe's life and royally fuck both Leo Galante and the Vinci family.
Conti crime family, led by Enzo Conti. This Conti crime family formed sometime in late 1968, months after Lincoln helped Enzo flee New Bordeaux and drop off of Sal Marcano's radar. It turns out he fled north to Empire Bay and finally formed his own family, having more than enough years of experience in the underworld to handle the job. Lincoln's tight with him and manages to recruit him to Vito and Joe's cause.
The Yakuza, based out of Empire Bay's Japantown. Longtime sworn enemies of the Empire Bay Triads, with bad blood going back decades. They would greatly enjoy seeing Mr. Chu and his son's heads mounted on pikes, along with whacking everyone who's ever supported their organization. You don't know them well, and they're known to be very unpredictable and ruthless. Use these traits to your advantage when taking on the Commission of Empire Bay and their friends.
I should mention as expected, this entire 1973 section where you play as Vito is much shorter than Mafia III. Vito's takeover is shown much more quickly over time than Lincoln's, and there's time skips during it, to keep it short and sweet, and to show onscreen only what's important. There is also no option for your underbosses to betray you, as to reduce confusion and keep the story consistently the same each playthrough, like the first two Mafia games.
However, unlike Mafia III, after all of these tasks are completed and every single assassination target on Vito’s kill list is dealt with, the game does not end. In fact, it's not even anywhere near close to being over yet. Vito's 1973 section was merely the beginning act. It was really a lead up to an entirely new Mafia story, centering around a newcomer to the American mob. Fast forward two years following Vito’s rampage that led to him taking over Empire Bay and the Commission, in the year 1975 him and Joe now rule Empire Bay, with Vito as the Don of the Scaletta Crime Family, and Joe working as his loyal underboss. You play the rest of the game as a young up and coming soldato named Louis in his 20’s, who’s a rising star in Vito’s organization. Do right by Mr. Scaletta and Mr. Barbaro, understand kid?
My basic idea for the character and his backstory is that he's a young Italian-Canadian mobster from Toronto, Ontario, or whatever Mafia's equivalent of it could be called. Let's call him Louis DeAngelo. (No relation to Tommy Angelo) His family hails from Tuscany in Italy and moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1939, shortly after World War II broke out in Europe. Louis DeAngelo was born in July 1952 in Toronto, and was raised in Toronto's Little Italy. Louis fled south to Empire Bay when the feds started cracking down on his old family and put his boss in prison, and he ended up finding a new home with the Scaletta crime family. The first few missions playing as Louis DeAngelo involve shooting your away out of an arrest by a Toronto Police Service SWAT team in Toronto in December 1974, seeing the rest of the members of your old crime family either get arrested or shot in front of you as you make your escape. You spend the next two missions fleeing Ontario through Quebec and upstate New York, before finally arriving in Empire Bay in early 1975, late January to be exact. Winter is in full force with snow everywhere, Louis' arrival to Empire Bay for the first time in his life mirroring Vito's return to Empire Bay in 1945 30 years earlier, except under far different much more dire circumstances. Louis' older brother and his father, both capos in his old crime family in Toronto, are shown to be arrested by the TPS SWAT team in his first mission, the same one that attempted to gun him down when he resisted arrested. Louis knows someone had to have ratted out his old crime family, and he wants to find out who someday. The thing is though, he doesn't just want to kill them. He wants to get out of them why they did it before he kills them. More than anything else, he just wants to find out why his crime family was betrayed and served up to the feds on a silver platter, having most of his biological family sent to prison in the process. He’s out to uncover the mystery of why his family fell apart, and he’s more than willing to help people like Don Vito Scaletta and his underboss Joe Barbaro to eventually get the answers he seeks. I came up with the idea for this character because I figured that playing as a fugitive from the law made sense for the mob life, and I'm surprised we haven't had a fugitive protagonist in the Mafia series yet.
In the 1975 chapters while playing as Louis, the Watergate scandal, President Richard Nixon’s resignation, and the official end to the Vietnam War are both discussed on the in-game radio during news segments. In the last 1979 chapter, the beginning of the Soviet-Afghan War is also the subject of a news segment on the radio.
The story eventually transitions into the 1980's as years pass, with the scenery, cars, and music changing accordingly, and historical events of the time discussed in the game. By the time the game ends, it's 1992, and significant historical events from the past few years at the time that are covered on the radio in-game include anything from the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War, the collapse of the Soviet Union, to the 1992 L.A. riots. The rise of the internet and home computers are briefly touched upon during news segments on the in-game radio during the early 1990's section of the story, but not greatly delved into given their relative infancy in that time period. During this entire 1975-1992 stretch of the story, Vito is no longer playable, and Don Scaletta takes a backseat in the story as a main supporting character, similar to Don Salieri throughout Mafia: Definitive Edition. You now play as the Italian-Canadian Scaletta family soldato Louis DeAngelo, who is later promoted to being a capo in 1985. However, unlike Don Salieri, Don Scaletta has much more integrity, and has more genuine loyalty for his men and his associates. If you've beaten Mafia 1 or Mafia: Definitive Edition, you'll know this is something Salieri lacked in the end.
The game will include a number of hit music from the 70’s that played on the radio back then, such as Bobby Womack’s Across 110th Street and Tony Christie’s (Is This the Way to) Amarillo, The Grateful Dead's Casey Jones and at least a few songs by the then new American rock band Cheap Trick, as well as popular songs from the 1960’s people still listened to at the time, such as Sam the Sham and the PharaohsWooly Bully, King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man, Zager and Evans' In the Year 2525, The Zombies' Time of the Season, and Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made for Walkin'. When you progress through the game, especially after you switch to playing as Louis DeAngelo for the rest of the story, years change, and the music changes. Different songs start playing on the radio, such as Sylvester's You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), Randy Crawford's Street Life, and The Village People's Y.M.C.A., Cheryl Lynn's Got to Be Real, Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, and the Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive start playing in the 1979 portion of the game. After you've completed the 1975 section of the game, Foghat's Slow Ride starts playing on the radio. Starting in the 1977 section of the game, Cheap Trick's I Want You to Want Me and Heart's Barracuda start playing on the radio. In the 1980's portion of the game, Thomas Dolby's songs Hyperactive! and She Blinded Me with Science, in addition to Night Ranger's Sister Christian also start playing on the radio. If Hangar 13 can afford the licenses, I also think a few Michael Jackson and Madonna songs should definitely be on the radio during the 1980's portion of the story, given the immense popularity and regular radio airtime those two had in that decade. If this ended up being possible, I imagine that Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Bad, and Billie Jean being on the radio in the 80's sections would be a must, Smooth Criminal especially because of how well it suits the series. Madonna's Lucky Star, Burning Up, Like a Virgin, and Borderline would also be perfect for the 80's portion of the game to me. Also mentioned by NPCs and civilians in the game are topical events of the time period, such as the release of the groundbreaking 1973 horror film The Exorcist at the end of Vito's playable portion of the game.
Other music of the 1980's segment when playing as Louis DeAngelo for the remainder of the game includes hits of the era such as Joe Jackson's Steppin' Out, The Buggles' Video Killed The Radio Star, Corey Hart's Sunglasses at Night, Laura Branigan's Self Control and Gloria, The Weather Girls' It's Raining Men, A-ha’s Take On Me, Men at Work's Down Under, Kim Wilde's Kids in America, The Gap Band's You Dropped a Bomb on Me, Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon, Twisted Sister's I Wanna Rock and We're Not Gonna Take It, Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive and Bad Medicine, Loverboy's Working for the Weekend, Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) and That's the Way (I Like It), Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now, Daryl Hall & John Oates' Maneater, Aneka's Japanese Boy, Mötley Crüe's Dr. Feelgood, Girls, Girls, Girls and Kickstart My Heart, Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire, Huey Lewis And The News' Hip To Be Square, Bill Medley's (I've Had) The Time of My Life, The Police's Every Breath You Take, Whodini's Magic's Wand, Tears For Fears' Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Rockwell's Somebody's Watching Me, Regina's Baby Love, Nena's 99 Red Balloons, Earth, Wind, and Fire's Let's Groove and September, Billy Idol's Eyes Without a Face and White Wedding, Rick JamesGive It To Me Baby, Wham!'s Everything She Wants, George Michael's Careless Whisper, Toto's Hold the Line and Africa, Blondie's Heart of Glass and Atomic, and Mai Tai's History.
Note that not every single year and moment of the 17 year 1975-1992 section playing as Louis DeAngelo is playable or chronicled. My idea is it would be handled similarly to how the time skips in Mafia 1/Mafia: Definitive Edition were handled. Time skips of two or more years, or in this case, even longer such as 4 years sometimes, the game skipping from 1979 to 1983. This is to keep the game and story length ideal, and not risk it getting boring or repetitive, or going on for too long. Repetition was a big problem in Mafia III even if I still thought it was a superb game, so I think it'd be best to learn from that for the next big entry. The games story will skip ahead and show onscreen only what's significant, similar to the first Mafia game and it's remake, as well as certain aspects of Mafia II. Louis starts his section as a 22 year old fugitive soldato who got picked up by another crew south of the Canadian border, and in the epilogue of the game in 1992, is promoted to the consigliere of the Scaletta crime family at the age of 40, being set to take over the family once Vito and Joe become too old to run the day to day on a regular basis.
The years chronicled in the main gameplay segments are as follows:
Much more of the rural areas and countryside outside of Empire Bay are included than what was available in Mafia II. The way rural environments are handled for this hypothetical Mafia IV is akin to how Mafia: Definitive Edition and Mafia III handled their rural environments outside the main cities, except much larger in scale, given the increased power of the current new consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X. This region is based off of upstate New York and the surrounding areas across multiple states in the Northeastern US, and includes forests, fields, mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches, and small towns. Also included are other cities and towns, based off of other large cities in New York like Syracuse, Buffalo, and Rochester, where other story missions, business activities, and side missions take place, along with smaller notable places like Ithaca, Binghamton, and Utica. The entire states of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, and Ohio are also included, including places based off of all of their major cities and most of their notable towns in between. Large portions of Pennsylvania are included as well, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Scranton. Large portions of the eastern half of the Canadian province of Ontario are included as well, including cities based off of Toronto, Ottawa, and Niagara Falls. There's even a small portion of Quebec included, including Montreal and the surrounding countryside of the province outside that city, including a few small towns in southern Quebec. The player must pass a quick border patrol check when crossing the US-Canada border in a car or other ground vehicle.
Wildlife is present in the game, mostly to add to the background, scenery, and immersion in rural environments on the map. These are all animals native to the Northeastern US, ranging from white tailed deer, coyotes, bobcats, Canada lynxes, rabbits, hares, groundhogs, gophers, beavers, raccoons, opossums, bats, chipmunks, red and gray squirrels, mice, and rats to more formidable and potentially dangerous animals that may sometimes attack the player, such as grey wolves, black bears, mountain lions, and moose. These last four animals are known to spawn in the mountainous regions, especially in New York, Ohio, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Ontario, including the rural regions based off of the Catskills and the Adirondack mountains. Dogs are present in the cities, towns, and settlements where humans live and keep them as pets, being walked and sometimes found in people's yards. Some are used as guard dogs by enemies and are aggressive towards the player on sight. Domestic cats are also present in the background of residential areas, and both Louis and Vito own them as pets throughout the game in their safe houses, as well as other onscreen characters we see the homes of throughout the game.
Aircraft make their first usable appearance in the Mafia series too, from airplanes to helicopters. Vito cannot use planes or helicopters in his playable 1973 portion of the game, as he does not know how to pilot, being a paratrooper in World War II who never actually flew any of the planes himself. Aircraft are unlocked to use when Louis DeAngelo gets his pilot’s certificate offscreen in 1977, and at the end of a chapter set that year, Louis has to fly Vito in a helicopter to a penthouse in Downtown Empire Bay acting as a family safe house, equipped with a helipad. Louis frequently serves as a personal driver and pilot for both Vito and Joe afterwards, having done a lot in his time serving the family to earn their trust and respect.
Melee weapons also make a return from Mafia: Definitive Edition, with even more variety this time. In their respective sections of the game, Vito and Louis may use anything from baseball bats, pipes, shovels, brass knuckles, golf clubs, police batons, switchblades, kitchen knives, bowie knives, ice picks, 2x4s, claw hammers, crowbars, tire irons, chain links, machetes, meat cleavers, pickaxes, hatchets, sledgehammers, to fire axes. This amount of melee weapons is so no matter what environment the player finds themselves in during a mission or any other game activity, there is usually a weapon of some sort nearby. If the player has obtained piano wire, you may also strangle an enemy to death with it from behind as a stealth kill, this being a classic assassination method infamous for being used by the Italian Mafia. Rope can also be found and used for similar strangulation stealth kills, appearing in the gameplay environments where piano wire can’t be found. There is a wide variety of new guns and explosives to use in this concept for Mafia IV, going with the new weapons of the time the game takes place that criminals quickly got their hands on. This includes the SPAS-12 combat shotgun, the Beretta 92 pistol, the AK-74 assault rifle, the mini uzi, the MAC-10 submachine gun, both suppressed and unsuppressed variants, the Beretta 92 pistol, the Taurus raging bull revolver, Glock handguns, the TEC-9 machine pistol, illegally modified to be full auto, the Ruger Mini-14 full auto variant, and even Vietnam war era flamethrowers, which I think is only natural given that as of Mafia III, we already have RPGs and grenade launchers. Late in the game from the 1989 section and onwards, the Benelli M3 combat shotgun becomes available. The Milkor MGL grenade launcher becomes available beginning in the 1983 portion of the game. Attached grenade launchers are also available for the AK-47, AK-74, and M16 assault rifles.
Free ride makes a return in Mafia IV, with the player having the options to change the weather, time period, and an option to play as Louis, Vito, Joe, or Lincoln. Naturally, a multitude of new free ride missions are available as well.
I previously posted a much earlier and less detailed draft of this on the old Mafia3 subreddit 3 years ago back in 2017 as an idea for a hypothetical Mafia 3 expansion where you play as Vito, but have since updated and revamped it to a possible Mafia IV plot, and fixed any plot holes I noticed and made it much more fleshed out and in depth, and focus on more than just Vito in the end. You may view my original here if you so desire, to compare.
Feel free to give me constructive criticism on this, as I encourage this discourse and believe it is integral to growing and improving, to build upon or improve these ideas I've come up with, or say whether or not you think something like this should happen in the future. Thank you for reading!
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That Dreaded Third Floor (True Story)

A few years ago, I worked as a road supervisor for a security firm. Once per night, I had to go inside of a derelict building downtown which used to be the old Pittsburgh Post Gazette building, and do rounds. I would spend about 45 minutes walking up and down dark halls and corridors and hit small circular stickers with a "deggy stick", which registers to the computer of the main office indicating that I, in fact, was doing my rounds. There are four floors and a basement full of old machinery, pipes running along the walls and ceilings, and the permeating smell of dampness, dust, and mildew. It's been abandoned since 2010, and mostly gutted.
The building was comprised of wide opened concrete floors the size of basketball courts and smaller office floors with cubicles and carpeting. Plaster coming off the walls. Due to the darkness, there were a lot of holes and traps to step into. The stairs were old and wooden. Each day I'd make my way through the different floors, and I'd notice things like doors opened which were closed and lights on in rooms which were off the day before. I brushed this off as maintenance crews coming in and doing electrical work during daylight hours. Much of the building was the archetype of what you'd call "creepy", but on one floor, I sensed something real, and, truly evil - the third floor.
Almost every night I would notice shadows and movement out of my peripherals in certain rooms, and, when I'd turn, they'd be gone. There was a "red room", illuminated only by an overhead exit sign. A few times closets would be opened, and I'd swear I would see a woman in a white dress standing in them, just leering at me out of the corner of my eye, but, again, when I'd look, she evaporated. The building was built in 1920, so it has seen it's share of generations. There were no elevators. I had to walk the full five flights to do my rounds, however when I'd reach the third floor, my heart would begin to inexplicably race. At first, it was tame. I should have just left it alone...
Upon entering the third floor, you'd immediately be confronted with a lit up hallway with which you immediately turned right, and then down, around to the left, down a tight hallway, and around another corner, all the way to the dark endy. The entry side of the floor had overhead lights, dim as they were. The far side of floor 3 was pitch dark. I'd get feelings as soon as I'd set foot on that floor. Vibrations or humming sounds of electricity would instantly cease, and the entire floor would fall eerily silent. The halls looked like they belonged in an abandoned hospital. Shiny, white linoleum floors and off - white colored walls, shimmering only by outside streetlights.
I'd feel my senses heightening as soon as I began walking down the long hallway to the dark end of the floor. Like my ears were turned up full blast while my surroundings were muted, as if the cosmos had turned down it's proverbial radio, just to listen to my footsteps. And that feeling of being "watched"? I never believed in such superstitions, until now. I'd feel it everywhere, but, mainly behind all times. I wouldn't even turn around. I didn't want to know, however, oddly, images would pop into my head of a deformed woman in, again, a white dress, following and tracing my every move. It wasn't something I even felt like I was expending mental energy to "think" about. It was like that image was inserted into my brain by something that wanted me thinking it. I hated it. Once I reached the very end and I pulled out my phone light to see is when that sensation became absolutely nuclear. I'd walk down the corridor into pitch blackness, and have to round a corner to the left, and after a few steps, the walls opened up to my left to cubicle walls and chairs. Walk past that, and you find yourself passing across another hall, with a men's and women's bathroom next to each other, missing their doors. Equally unsettling, especially since the mirrors were smeared with...something.
I'd run to the room I needed to hit, run out, and dash down the hallway past those dreaded bathrooms, which is where I'd REALLY begin to feel an unwaivering, mounting feeling of intense dread. However, after all, I was security, and often, if I'd see a shadow, I'd shine my light into either of those bathrooms. Nothing there. Eventually I stopped walking past the bathrooms and instead would cut through the cubicles, since I'd heard what I swear were whispers and voices.
The basement of the building looked like something out of 'Silent Hill' or 'F.E.A.R.', and yet, walking through it was a pleasure compared to floor three. As the weeks went on, those feelings I was getting were only intensifying. I'd pass through the pitch dark cubicle area and feel the hairs stand on the back of my neck. I'd get static shocks all over my body, poking and prodding my every pore. The squeaking of my shoes against the floor would produce a decibel that sounded louder than if someone in a marching band smashed cymbals next to my face. Always, in that one spot, crossing the cubicles, or passing those horrible bathrooms, would I begin to feel a "tickle" on my neck. I'd swatted at it several times, thinking a spider fell on me, but it occurred like clockwork. Something was there with me. This wasn't normal.
One night, I had to make a stop at the new Post Gazette building located in the casino district of the city, and have to evaluate a guard named Clifford. He was a nice, quiet guy. Usually I was in and out of there, but this night, I stayed and chatted. More specifically, I brought up that building. He mentioned that he was a guard there when it was still in operation. I remember one conversation verbatim. It went like this - "you know, Cliff, maybe I'm just sensitive, but, I swear I get really unsettling feelings when I'm on -". "The third floor", he interjected.
He explained, in his own words, "once I was on that floor doing rounds. It was all women who worked on it. They were afraid of the bathrooms, and they'd all leave together, always before dark. One night, I shone my flashlight down by the bathrooms, and, I'm not kidding, and I've never believed in the supernatural, but, when I shone my light on that part of the hallway, I saw the tall shadow of a hunched - over figure standing there. It was tall and lanky, and as soon as my light hit it, it's back to me, it looked over it's shoulder, directly at me, and started walking in my direction. I ran out of there. From them on, I only went on that floor during daylight hours".
After this conversation, I began to literally run as fast as Usain Bolt down those halls, hit my points, and run out. Soon, as days passed, I'd notice the floor getting colder, despite it being room temperature when I entered that floor. It would just drop dramatically out of nowhere. Finally, I stopped, and yelled out, in the pitch darkness, "whoever is in here, make yourself known NOW, or else, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!". Silence. The next few days were a little different. I still felt "off", and I still continued to sprint the halls, but it didn't seem quite as bad. Or maybe I was just overconfident that I "scared it off". I was very wrong...
This was the final night I'd ever go onto that floor ever again. After what I'm about to tell you, I emphatically refused to go near that floor ever again to my boss. I was doing my normal rounds. I wasn't running, but walking, the halls. I assumed maybe it was just all in my mind. I went all the way to that back room, and came out to pass through the pitch dark cubicle area when I just...felt something. It was imperceptible, but it was there...right behind me. I stopped and listened. A groaning noise - "errrrrrr", very subdued, but undoubtedly there. I stopped dead in the center of the room, and finally, worked up the courage to turn around. What I saw has instilled in me the belief that the realm of the spirit is real...
...I turned, and looked into the darkness. Standing about ten feet away, was a woman, with wild, matted hair, bone thin, face contoured and big nose like a bird, dressed in white. She got down on all fours, and I swear it, started running towards me like a dog. I turned and sprinted as fast as I could across the floor and into the lit area, before stopping, and putting my arms up, bracing to be attacked by a crazed homeless woman. But, nobody was there. However, in the center of the lit area was a pillar, and on that pillar was a breaker box, and the metal covering was fucking flapping back and forth, banging and smacking off of the plaster, swinging. Something had smacked it HARD. "HELLO????!!!!!", I cried out several times. Nothing. Nobody. And after that, I was done.
I ran back outside to the SUV and just sat there, looking up at that floor from the parking lot, catching my breath, and re-evaluating my sanity. Eventually I drove off. Off to the new Post Gazette building, to talk to Cliff. When I told him what had happened, he didn't tell me the sensible reply, that it was "all in my head". No, instead he hit me with the knockout blow. He said...
..."I'm not surprised. In 2007, a woman, an office worker, leaped from the window at that end of the floor to her death on the parking lot below. Her husband and son both died in a car accident weeks before. And she looked just like the woman you described".
Good riddance, old Post Gazette building. Time to terrorize a new guard.
The End.
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Future of the franchise

Here are my ideas to what they should do for the future games
Mafia I Remastered (Upgrade to next gen graphics, fix the lighting and the few glitches. Change some things like when you fill up your gas tank show Tommy doing it like in Mafia II instead of what we got now, change the drive by it’s too easy, give us the option to change clothes in the story instead of just in free roam and add all the golden guns too. Change the way he goes up and down a ladder because that’s exactly like Lincoln Clay, change how he throws molotov and also change how he takes cover because that’s also exactly like Lincoln. Also change the way npc’s react when they’re shot or shot at and make them smarter. Add rival gangs so we can fight them in free roam. Make the bullet holes on npc’s and Tommy better. Add some things like trams, trains, a wanted system exactly like Mafia II, places to eat, ability to smoke, clothing stores, vehicle customizations, trafic lights so we can get a ticket when we run over red light, maybe some ambulances that can arrive when people die and make the police do a crime scene where the people died, more free roam missions where you could be inspired by the ones in the original Mafia and some more scores to the chapters. I love the scores that are there now but sometimes it gets a little repetitive and could be refreshing if there were something new. I know this is a small thing and I also know that you can see it on the map but I would love for them to write the date of the chapter when the chapter loads up like in Mafia II.)
DLC: Don Peppone (Everybody would love to see this. We all wants to see what happened. Let the game take place in 1910s to late 1920s. Let’s see a commission meeting with the big names from Mafia II, III, IV and V when Don Morello and Don Salieri became rivals. Show Carlo’s father. Maybe we could also see Alberto Clemente get his family accepted at the commission meeting in 1929. Show how Paulie and Sam got accepted into The Salieri Family. Would also have loved to see a cameo of Don Vinci to see the friendship between Don Salieri and him.)
DLC: Mafia II Mobile (This is a really good story that only a few has tried. It takes place in 1938 about a protagonist called Marco Russetto who is the nephew of Vincenzo. He travels to Empire Bay to find Tommy Angelo after he betrayed The Family. He starts working for Henry Tomasino. Look up the story it’s really interesting he works for Don Falcone and Don Vinci. He ends up in prison at some time also. There are some things in the story that you would have to change so it would make sense but this really does have potential. Plus if you created this Empire Bay map then you could use it for a Mafia II Remake.)
Mafia II Remake (It needs it. It truly needs it when you look at all the things that where scrapped. Add all the cut content. Add some amazing next gen graphics and a fantastic engine. Don’t change the characters look or voice since this game has the best voice acting in the world. Add more chapters to it so it would be longer and fill out the holes in the story. And let’s see more background to the characters. Maybe add some countryside to expand the Empire Bay map. Make some references to Los Ondas and the mobsters there. Make also some references to Mafia III and IV characters. Let’s see the return of the cigarette cards where we see the big mobsters of the 40s.)
DLC: Vinci-Moretti War (Very interesting story. We would love to see why this war happened and to see how Don Falcone and Eddie Scarpa took over after Don Moretti died. To see a younger Leo Galante and Don Vinci in the war and how they acted. Would also love to see how Alberto Clemente took over Don Moretti’s and Don Vinci’s businesses. That would explain why Leo Galante hated Alberto so much. You could maybe include Fredo Clemente somewhere there and maybe see Alberto give Henry Tomasino a job and Luca Gurino’s involvement. Let’s see more to Jack Olivero and Tony Balls since he was the driver in the car with Don Moretti where Steve Coyne planted the bomb and killed Don Moretti. Show how Derek Pappalardo was involved in the war and how he got rewarded the docks.)
DLC: Joe’s Adventures Remake (To this one they need to add cutscenes. Interesting point of view to see it when Vito was in jail but it lacked cutscenes. Let’s hear more about Tony Balls and Rocco.)
Mafia III Remake (A game with a lot of good elements, great story and great characters. Fix all the glitches and lighting. I had 2 problems with this game. Number 1 was that it was really repetitive. I don’t feel it had a good reply value like the other 2 games. I think this remake should make it chapter to chapter based so we don’t have to take over all those rackets again and again. Number 2 was that I didn’t feel it was so connected to the franchise. I felt with a remake where you add some chapters and some voice recording where you hear about some of the characters from Mafia I, II and IV would help a lot. And as I stated below I think Mafia IV should be a prequel to Mafia III being set in the gap of Mafia II and Mafia III. So therefore you could add Mafia III characters to Mafia IV’s story. Since it’s the 30th anniversary of The Salieri Family case then they should add a newspaper about it. Maybe tell that Detective Norman has retired. Make some references to Los Ondas and the mobsters there. Add again the cigarette cards and show the big mobsters of the 60s)
DLC: All Saint’s Day Massacre (It would be amazing to have a prequel to Mafia III about Sal Marcano and his brothers to see how they took over New Bordeaux. Let’s see how Sal tricked his brothers to kill Don Carillo and how Valerio Marcano died and let’s see some background to Sal’s brother Lucio. It would also connect us more to Mafia III’s story where this is the Marcano Family’s rise and Mafia III is their downfall. Would love to see a commission meeting with Sal where he introduces himself as the new don of New Bordeaux. Let’s see some more to Roman Barbieri, Frank Pagani, Gianni and Tony Derazio and Enzo Conti and how they got recruited. Let’s see Thomas Burke and Sammy Robinson and the rest of the Black Mob and how they ended up working for Sal Marcano and maybe their problem with the Haitians.)
Mafia IV (Set as a prequel to Mafia III in Havana and Florida. Inspired by Godfather II and Meyer Lansky’s story. Tell the story about Fredo Clemente. Let’s see Sal opening his casinos in Havana and how Tommy Marcano got to work for him. Let’s see the other families settling down in Havana. How did Fredo react when his brother died and wouldn’t he kill the 2 who did it? Maybe some families from other states where causing trouble. Maybe the families from Pennsylvania would like a slice of the casinos. Let’s see an introduction to Louie Romeo just to see him. Tell more about Nino Santangelo since he is cuban. Since the events of this game is taking place before Mafia III maybe we could see what happened to Lucio Marcano when he died in 1962. Make some references to Los Ondas and the mobsters there. Add again the cigarette cards and show the big mobsters of the 50s.)
DLC: Pennsylvania (Inspired by The Irishman, The Pittsburgh Family and The Bufalino Family. Let’s see some of the Mafia there and how they wanted to take control of some of the casinos in Havana. Show their connections to The Empire Bay families. Maybe Louie Romeo could be from this state.)
Mafia V (Inspired by Casino and Mickey Cohen’s and Bugsy Siegel’s story. Now this should be about Los Ondas and how the Mafia wanted to take control on the West Coast. Los Ondas should be Los Angeles and Las Vegas combined. It should take place from the 30s-80s. Let’s see when the commission from the East wanted Louie Romeo to make their move on the West. It would be interesting to see Los Angeles in the 40s-50s and Las Vegas in 70s-80s. Let’s see a war in the Las Vegas strip. This would take place at the same time as the other mafia games so make some references and cameos from the characters from the other games. Maybe Fredo Clemente and Louie Romeo could be in war so you could see it from 2 different perspectives. Mafia IV would be Fredo’s perspective and Mafia V would be Louie’s perspective. Since it also takes place after the events of the other games let’s see what happened to the families in those citys. Like we could see who was running Lost Heaven after the 30’s and who ran Empire Bay after the chaos that Vito, Joe and Henry has caused.)
DLC: San Francisco (Maybe a map expansion and show how the family operated there.)
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MAC Attack Free Play - NCAAF

7:00 PM ET - Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech
Quick Trends:
  • Over is 7-0 in Panthers last 7 games overall.
  • Over is 5-0 in Panthers last 5 games after accumulating less than 100 yards rushing in their previous game.
  • Over is 4-0 in Panthers last 4 games after allowing more than 280 yards passing in their previous game.
  • Over is 7-0 in Panthers last 7 games after allowing more than 450 total yards in their previous game.
  • Over is 4-0 in Panthers last 4 games following a ATS loss.
  • Over is 5-0 in Panthers last 5 games following a straight up loss of more than 20 points.
  • Under is 6-0 in Panthers last 6 games after scoring more than 40 points in their previous game.
  • Over is 5-0 in Panthers last 5 games following a straight up loss.
The Pitt Panthers and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are both looking to get back on the winning side when they meet Thursday in Atlanta.
Pitt (5-5, 4-5 Atlantic Coast Conference) is coming off a disappointing 52-17 loss to No. 4 Clemson in its last game on Nov. 28. Georgia Tech (3-6, 3-5 ACC) dropped a 23-13 road decision to NC State on Saturday.
Pitt leads the series 9-5, has won two straight and four of the last five contests. The Panthers won 20-10 win in Atlanta in 2019.
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2020 Anagrammed NFL Draft

In peak offseason form, I decided to anagram all the draft picks. I did have two rules, I could not use the original player's name (Example: Brian Burns, could not be Brain Burns), and I couldn't add a suffix to the name. There could definitely be better ones, I used this website.
I also, did this last year!

Arizona Cardinals A Lizard Ran Casino
Isaiah Simmons So I Smash A Mini
Josh Jones N/A
Leki Fotu Kite Foul
Rashard Lawrence Draw Lean Archers
Evan Weaver Never A Wave
Eno Benjamin Join Bean Men

Atlanta Falcons Tan Canal Floats
A.J. Terrell Jar Teller
Marlon Davidson Donor Vandalism
Matt Hennessy Neatest Hymns
Mykal Walker Mark Wall Key
Jaylinn Hawkins Lanky Shin In Jaw
Sterling Hofrichter Fresh Her Tiring Colt

Baltimore Ravens Irremovable Ants
Patrick Queen Quaint Pecker
J.K. Dobbins Bi DJ’s Knob (u/oprimaelocho)
Justin Madubuike Junkie Autism Bud
Devin Duvernay Nude Navy Diver
Malik Harrison I Shank Oral Rim
Tyre Phillips They Rip Pills
Ben Bredeson Bone Benders
Broderick Washington Jr Jacking Wind Or Brothers
James Proche Major Speech
Geno Stone Onto Genes

Buffalo Bills Fulfills A Bob
A.J. Epenesa Pee A Jeans
Zack Moss N/A
Gabriel Davis A Visible Grad
Jake Fromm Jam Me Fork
Tyler Bass Bras Style
Isaiah Hodgins I Has Indigo Ash
Dane Jackson Can And Jokes

Carolina Panthers Chaparral Tension
Derrick Brown Worn Red Brick
Yetur Gross-Matos Our Moss Strategy
Jeremy Chinn Me Rich Jenny
Troy Pride Dirty Rope
Kenny Robinson No Skinny Boner
Bravvion Roy Rob Ivory Van
Stanley Thomas-Oliver Antislavery Lost Home

Chicago Bears He Car Go Basic
Cole Kmet Elk Comet
Jaylon Johnson N/A
Trevis Gipson Pig Investors
Kindle Vildor Old Evil Drink
Darnell Mooney Modernly Alone
Arlington Hambright Lightning Bath Armor
Lachavious Simmons I Viscous Ham Salmon

Cincinnati Bengals In Incest Balancing
Joe Burrow Rue Row Job
Tee Higgins Genie Sight
Logan Wilson Slowing Loan
Akeem Davis-Gaither I Gave A Shrieked Mat
Khalid Kareem Mad Lake Hiker
Hakeem Adeniji Media Jean Hike
Markus Bailey I Mauls Bakery

Cleveland Browns Blend Low Caverns
Jedrick Wills Will Jerk Disc
Grant Delpit Pelting Dart
Jordan Elliott A Jointed Troll
Jacob Phillips A Spill Chip Job
Harrison Bryant Ran Barn History
Nick Harris Rink Chairs
Donovan Peoples-Jones Snoop On Develop Jeans

Dallas Cowboys Classy Wood Lab
CeeDee Lamb A Emcee Bled
Trevon Diggs Dog Rig Vents
Neville Gallimore Ever Legal Million
Reggie Robinson Sobering Region
Tyler Biadasz A Stylized Bar
Bradlee Anae Enable A Dare
Ben DiNucci Iced Cub Inn

Denver Broncos Born Conserved
Jerry Jeudy N/A
K.J. Hamler N/A
Michael Ojemudia I Had Ale Juice Mom
Lloyd Cushenberry Sorry Lynched Lube
McTelvin Agam Given Calm Mat
Albert Okwuegbunam But Unworkable Game
Justin Strnad Din Stunts Jar
Netane Muti Neat Minute
Tyrie Cleveland Evidently Clear
Derrek Tuszka Raze Dusk Trek

Detroit Lions Tried Lotions
Jeff Okudah A Huff Joked
D'Andre Swift I Dent Dwarfs
Julian Okwara Ruin Koala Jaw
Jonah Jackson John Jack A Son
Logan Stenberg Gargle Bonnets
Quintez Cephus Nut Speech Quiz
Jason Huntley Enjoy Lush Ant
John Penisini Join Ship Nine
Jashon Cornell Recalls On John

Green Bay Packers Grab Peak Scenery
Jordan Love Old Oven Jar
AJ Dillon A Jill Nod
Josiah Deguara Said Jaguar Hoe
Kamal Martin Main Ram Talk
Jon Runyan Jr Nun Ran Joy (N/A with Jr.)
Jake Hanson Sneak A John
Simon Stepaniak Mistaken Pianos
Vernon Scott Consort Vent
Jonathan Garvin Java Ran Nothing

Houston Texans Haunts Onto Sex
Ross Blacklock Rollback Socks
Jonathan Greenard And Rear Jean Thong
Charlie Heck Chick Healer
John Reid Join Herd
Isaiah Coultier Sea Oil Haircut

Indianapolis Colts Spinal Dislocation
Michael Pittman Jr Inject Primal Math
Jonathan Taylor Jot Than Any Oral
Julian Blackmon Jumbo Clink Anal
Jacob Eason A Canoe Jobs
Danny Pinter Dinner Panty
Robert Windsor I Borrow Trends
Isaiah Rodgers Sad Hair Orgies
Dezmon Patton Zap Tom Tendon
Jordan Glasgow Log Dragon Jaw

Jacksonville Jaguars Jail Vocal Gas Junkers
C.J. Henderson N/A
K'Lavon Chaisson I Shank Volcanos
Laviska Shenault Native Salsa Hulk
DaVon Hamilton I No Moth Vandal
Ben Bartch Bench Brat
Josiah Scott Jots His Taco
Shaquille Quarterman Tan Ham Equal Squirrel
Daniel Thomas Mad Hailstone
Collin Johnson Oh Conn Son Jill
Jake Luton Joule Tank
Tyler Davis Stray Devil
Chris Claybrooks Richly Book Scars

Kansas City Chiefs Satisfy As Chicken
Clyde Edwards-Helaire Sewed Elder Chairlady
Willie Gay I Wage Lily
Lucas Niang Suing Canal
L'Jarius Sneed Injured Seals
Mike Danna I Man Naked
Thakarius Keyes I Shakes A Turkey

Las Vegas Raiders A Visa Regardless
Henry Ruggs Shy Erg Rung
Damon Arnette Nematode Rant
Lynn Bowden N/A
Bryan Edwards Dew Barnyards
Tanner Muse Nest Manure
John Simpson Mops In Johns
Amik Robertson Not Smokier Bra

Los Angeles Chargers Gas Rose Challengers
Justin Herbert Thin Rub Jester
Kenneth Murray Hurry Men Taken
Joshua Kelley Easy Hull Joke
Joe Reed Jeer Doe
Alohi Gilman Hang Oil Mail
K.J. Hill N/A

Los Angeles Rams Angler Molasses
Cam Akers A Smacker
Van Jefferson N/A
Terrell Lewis Let Reel Swirl
Terrell Burgess Less Regret Blur
Brycen Hopkins Skinny Herb Cop
Jordan Fuller Full Drone Jar
Clay Johnston Jot Nylon Cash
Sam Sloman Slams Mason
Tremayne Anchrum Mean Than Mercury

Miami Dolphins Midshipman Oil
Tua Tagovailoa Auto Goat Avail
Austin Jackson Asks A Junction
Noah Igbinoghene I Bone Hanging Hoe
Robert Hunt Brother Nut
Raekwon Davis Invoked As War
Brandon Jones No Nerd Banjos
Solomon Kindley Old Lion Monkeys
Jason Strowbridge God Brews Janitors
Curtis Weaver Recruits Wave
Blake Ferguson Forsaken Bulge
Malcolm Perry Merry Mall Cop

Minnesota Vikings Mistaking Venison
Justin Jefferson Rejoins Jet Snuff
Jeff Gladney En Fed Jag Fly
Ezra Cleveland Even All Crazed
Cameron Dantzler Crazed Lemon Rant
D.J. Wonnum N/A
James Lynch Lynches Jam
Troy Dye Dyer Toy
Harrison Hand Ran Rhino Dash
K.J. Osborn Nork Jobs (u/oprimaelocho)
Blake Brandel Banked Baller
Josh Metellus Just Some Hell
Kenny Willekes New Elk Skyline
Nate Stanley Teen Analyst
Brian Cole No Caliber
Kyle Hinton Then In Yolk

New England Patriots Petting A Landowners
Kyle Dugger Gurgled Key
Josh Uche N/A
Anfernee Jennings Gene In Fern Jeans
Devin Asiasi I Invade A Sis
Dalton Keene Not A Kneeled
Justin Rohrwasser Injures War Shorts
Michael Onwenu Nice Humane Owl
Justin Herron Injures North
Cassh Maluia Has A Musical
Dustin Woodard Dad Riot Wounds

New Orleans Saints No Slant Weariness
Cesar Ruiz Us Crazier
Zack Baun N/A
Adam Trautman Mama At Tundra
Tommy Stevens My Venom Tests

New York Giants Knew Gyrations
Andrew Thomas Homeward Ants
Xavier McKinney I Even Mix Cranky
Matt Peart Tat Tamper
Darnay Holmes Harmony Deals
Shane Lemieux Exhume Aliens
Cam Brown Warn Comb
Carter Coughlin Crouching Alert
T.J. Brunson BJ Turn Ons (u/oprimaelocho)
Chris Williamson Choir In Sawmills
Tae Crowder Cowered Rat

New York Jets We Snot Jerky
Mekhi Becton No Meek Bitch
Denzel Mims Slimmed Zen (u/TimDunkan)
Ashtyn Davis This Shy Navy
Jabari Zuniga I Ruin A Zag Jab
La'Mical Perine Prime Alliance
James Morgan Major Men Gas
Cameron Clark Crackle Manor
Bryce Hall Belly Arch
Braden Mann Damn Banner

Philadelphia Eagles Illegal Headship Ape
Jalen Reagor A Jog Learner
Jalen Hurts Ten Lush Jar
Davion Taylor Toad Oar Vinyl
K'Von Wallace Clank A Vowel
Jack Driscoll Call Jock Rids
John Hightower How He Thorn Jig
Shaun Bradley Husbandly Ear
Quez Watkins We Stank Quiz
Prince Tega Wanogho Opera Ace Nightgown
Casey Toohill Loyalist Echo

Pittsburgh Steelers Brightest Slurp Tees
Chase Claypool A Locale Psycho
Alex Highsmith Thigh Leash Mix
Anthony McFarland Jr My Damn Jolt Ranch Fan
Kevin Dotson Invoked Snot
Antoine Brooks Rain Notebooks
Carlos Davis Saliva Cords

San Francisco 49ers 49 Carcass Infernos
Javon Kinlaw Know Van Jail
Brandon Aiyuk Okay Ruin Band
Colton McKivitz It Mock Volt Zinc
Charlie Woerner Heroine Crawler
Jauan Jennings In Jag Nun Jeans

Seattle Seahawks Weakest Hat Sales
Jordyn Brooks Sky Nor Rod Job
Darrell Taylor Lordly Real Art
Damien Lewis I Mind Weasel
Colby Parkinson No Skip Carbonyl
DeeJay Dallas Add A Sea Jelly
Alton Robinson No Barn Lotions
Freddie Swain Dawn Fireside
Stephen Sullivan Valentines Plush

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bet Cabana Supremacy
Tristan Wirfs Warns It First
Antoine Winfield Jr Final Twin Rejoined
Ke'Shawn Vaughn Shaven Hawk Gun
Tyler Johnson Only Horn Jets
Khalil Davis Kill Via Dash
Chapelle Russell All Lurches Sleep
Raymond Calais Irony Mac Salad

Tennessee Titans Nineteens States
Isaiah Wilson A Liaison Wish
Kristian Fulton Afro Tit Unlinks
Darrynton Evans Yarn Ant Vendors
Larrell Murchison Rim Roll Launchers
Cole McDonald Called Condom
Chris Jackson Hijacks Corns

Washington Redskins Rethinking Ass Downs
Chase Young One Cash Guy
Antonio Gibson Boasting Onion
Saahdiq Charles N/A
Antonio Gandy-Golden No Tango And Yodeling
Keith Ismael I Metal Sheik
Khaleke Hudson Hole Head Skunk
Kamren Curl Murk Lancer
James Smith-Williams His Wise Mammal Jilts
submitted by pterodaktyl4 to nfl [link] [comments]

เว็บตรง ts911 แหล่งบันเทิงใกล้ริเวอร์คาสิโนพิตส์เบิร์ก

เว็บตรง ts911 มุ่งหน้าไปที่ริเวอร์คาสิโนพิตส์เบิร์ก? คุณกำลังร่วมการดูแลและรักษาเพราะว่าเนื้อหานี้ครอบคลุมจุดให้ความบันเทิงหกจุดเพื่อเพลิดเพลินใจถ้าเกิดคุณอยากตรวจสอบพื้นที่แล้วก็บางทีอาจใช้เวลาหนึ่งหรือสองวันสำหรับการเล่นเกมคาสิโนที่ไม่จบไม่สิ้นที่สถานที่เสนอ

แล้วก็เหตุเพราะคุณอยู่ใน Steel City คุณก็เลยอยู่ในเมืองที่วัฒนธรรมประวัติศาสตร์และก็ของใหม่ลำดับแรกๆของอเมริกา ตั้งแต่จุดเริ่มที่ต่ำต้อยในฐานะภาคการสร้างไปจนกระทั่งการเปลี่ยนเป็นหนึ่งในสถานที่ที่น่าอยู่ที่สุดในโลกคุณจะได้รับความระทึกใจจากทุกอย่างที่พิตส์เบิร์กเสนอนอกคาสิโน

เพราะฉะนั้นใช้เวลาหนึ่งวันและก็เยี่ยมชมสถานที่ที่เร่าร้อนที่สุดหกที่ตามรายการข้างล่าง ถ้าเกิดคุณกำลังเดินทางกับครอบครัวให้ใช้รายการนี้เพื่อสร้างช่วงหยุดงานที่เพอร์เฟ็คซึ่งริเวอร์คาสิโนจะเป็นเพียงแค่ส่วนหนึ่งส่วนใดของพาย



สวนสนุก Kennywood
ตั้งอยู่ใน West Mifflin แต่ว่าใกล้กับเมืองคุณยังสามารถเห็นเส้นขอบฟ้าอันดั้งเดิมของพิตส์เบิร์กคือ Kennywood สวนสนุกขนาด 80 เอเคอร์ในพื้นที่ที่เรียกว่า South Hills

เปิดให้บริการตั้งแต่พฤษภาคมจนกระทั่งธ.ค.นี่เป็นจุดหมายในฤดูร้อนแล้วก็ฤดูใบไม้ร่วงที่เพอร์เฟ็คสำหรับคุณและก็ทุกคนในครอบครัวถ้าคุณกำลังมองหาพื้นที่เล่นเกมที่ Rivers Casino Pittsburgh

Kennywood ts911 มีสถานที่เที่ยว 45 ที่รถไฟบินแปดที่และก็เครื่องเล่นทางทะเลอีก 2 เครื่องเล่นรวมทั้งอุปกรณ์สำหรับอำนวยความสะดวกฯลฯความระทึกใจรออยู่ทั่วทิศ

เพลิดเพลินใจไปกับกิจกรรมตามฤดูกาลเป็นต้นว่า Phantom Fright Nights ถ้าหากคุณอยู่ภายในเขตพื้นที่ในตอนต.ค.รวมทั้ง Nationality Days ที่มีชื่อเสียงวัฒนธรรมภาษากรีกไอริชเซอร์เบียโครเอเชียประเทศโปแลนด์สโลวักฮังการีแล้วก็อิตาลี
สวนสนุก Kennywood

ข้อพิสูจน์ที่น่าดึงดูดบางสิ่งเกี่ยวกับ Kennywood รวมทั้งภาพของ Battle of the Monongahela ซึ่งเป็นเยี่ยมสำหรับในการเริ่มของการรบประเทศฝรั่งเศสแล้วก็ประเทศอินเดียในปี 1755

จอร์จวอชิงตันร่วมสำหรับเพื่อการรบในฐานะผู้พันกับนายพลเอ็ดเวิร์ดกางรดด็อกของอังกฤษซึ่งได้รับบาดเจ็บรุนแรงจากภารกิจยึดป้อมมองเกนของอังกฤษ ถัดมาที่ดินนี้แปลงเป็นพื้นที่ปิกนิกที่ได้รับความนิยมในตอนสงครามกลางเมืองเมื่อมันเปลี่ยนเป็นส่วนใดส่วนหนึ่งของฟาร์มที่แอนโธนี่เคนนีเป็นเจ้าของ

รวมทั้งในปี 1987 Kennywood แปลงเป็นสถานที่สำคัญทางประวัติศาสตร์แห่งชาติก่อนวันเกิดครบรอบ 90 ปี

ถ้าคุณถูกใจเครื่องเล่นที่สูบฉีดอะดรีนาลีนรถไฟบินรวมทั้งสวนสนุกมืดๆที่สวนสาธารณะ Kennywood เป็นสถานที่ที่เหมาะกับความระทึกใจแม้ปรารถนาสิ่งอื่นนอกจากสล็อตเงินใช่หรือเกมบนโต๊ะ

สแต็คเตาแบบเปิดรับทราบดีว่าหนึ่งในแหล่งช้อปปิ้งที่ยิ่งใหญ่ที่สุดของเมืองพิตต์สเบิร์กในสมัยก่อนเคยใช้เป็นโรงผลาญเหล็ก Homestead Works ของ US Steel ก่อนที่จะโรงงานจะปิดในปี 1986

พวกเรากำลังเอ่ยถึงอสังหาริมทรัพย์ที่ Waterfront เท่าไร? พื้นที่ 700,000 ตารางฟุตครอบคลุมสามเมือง (Homestead, West Homestead แล้วก็ Munhall) เป็นยังไง


ถ้าเกิดคุณตั้งชื่อร้านค้าว่า Waterfront จัดให้ แค่เพียงกระโจนไปสู่ Parkway East (I-376 East) ผ่านสะพาน Homestead Grays Bridge และก็คุณก็มาจาก Rivers Casino
หรือถ้าเกิดคุณอยากใช้ทางอื่นอย่าลังเลที่จะใช้ทาง 837 รวมทั้งวนรอบเมืองเพื่อหลบหลีกการจราจรที่ขัดข้องตามสวนสาธารณะที่พิตต์สเบิร์กเป็นที่น่าอาย รวมทั้งฉันสามารถบอกคุณได้จากประสบการณ์ไม่มีอะไรไม่ดีไปกว่าการนั่งอยู่ในกันชนเพื่อกันการจราจรตรงเวลา 90 นาทีบนสวนสาธารณะ


แต่ว่าเมื่อคุณไปที่ชายน้ำแล้วการลวงงเรือจะราบรื่น คุณจะเจอสถานที่ต่างๆอาทิเช่น Barnes & Noble, Loews Cineplex, Victoria's Secret รวมทั้งอีกเยอะแยะ ทางทิศตะวันออกสุดคุณจะเจอร้านค้ากล่องใหญ่ที่รู้จักดีซึ่งมีลักษณะคล้ายกับห้างทั่วๆไปของคุณ

ร้านรวงตัวอย่างเช่น Bed, Bath แล้วก็ Beyond, Dicks Sporting Goods, Target และก็โครงข่ายขนาดใหญ่อื่นๆตั้งอยู่ในรอบๆห้างสรรพสินค้าที่นี้

และก็คุณจะลืมมิได้เลยเกี่ยวกับตัวเลือกการกินอาหารแม้คุณเคยปฏิบัติงานที่ Rivers Casino Pittsburgh The Waterfront มีตัวเลือกเป็นต้นว่า Panera Bread, Longhorn Steakhouse, Uno Chicago Grill, PF Changs และก็ TGI Fridays


คนที่พอใจวิทยาศาสตร์ในตัวคุณสามารถปลาบปลื้มเมื่อคุณไปที่ศูนย์วิทยาศาสตร์คาร์เนกี ตั้งอยู่ในระยะซึ่งสามารถเดินได้จาก Rivers Casino Pittsburgh คุณไม่มีความจำเป็นที่จะต้องไปไกลเพื่อเข้าถึงศูนย์วิทยาศาสตร์ชั้นแนวหน้าแห่งหนึ่งของอเมริกาและก็บางทีอาจเป็นจุดหมายชั้นแนวหน้าของเมืองพิตต์สเบิร์ก

ศูนย์วิทยาศาสตร์คาร์เนกีตั้งอยู่ในบริเวณเดียวกับแม่น้ำโดยเหตุนั้นแม้คุณไม่ต้องเสี่ยงกับรถติด 90 นาทีบนสวนสาธารณะที่ไปทางทิศตะวันออกไปยังอุโมงค์ฟอร์ตพิตต์หรือด้านตะวันตกไปยังอุโมงค์เนินกระรอกแล้วต่อจากนั้นเดินไปไม่ไกล ไปที่ศูนย์วิทยาศาสตร์ควรจะอยู่ในรายนามของคุณ
ศูนย์วิทยาศาสตร์คาร์เนกีมีความเด่นในฐานะพิพิธภัณฑสถานที่มีผู้เข้าชมเยอะที่สุดในพิตต์สเบิร์กและก็สถานที่เที่ยวที่สำคัญ อาทิเช่น SportsWorks, USS Requin, Robot Hall of Fame แล้วก็ Miniature Road and Village

สวน PNC
คนที่ประทับใจกีฬาเบสบอลมักเรียกกันว่า 'สนามกีฬาที่เหมาะสมที่สุดในกีฬาเบสบอล' แล้วก็โน่นรวมทั้งสนามกีฬาในตำนานได้แก่ Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, New Yankee Stadium, Oriole Park ที่ Camden Yards แล้วก็สถานที่ทางประวัติศาสตร์อื่นๆ

คุณไม่มีความจำเป็นต้องเป็นนักการพนันเบสบอลมือโปรเพื่อชื่นชอบสถาปัตยกรรมที่ PNC Park รวมทั้งทัศนียภาพเส้นขอบฟ้าเมืองพิตต์สเบิร์กที่น่าทึ่ง

ซึ่งฉันยืนยันได้ว่าคนไม่ใช่น้อยจะซื้อตั๋วเข้าชมเกม Pittsburgh Pirates เพียงแต่เพื่อชื่นชอบกับมุมมองที่พวกเขาเดินทางมาจาก Downtown Pittsburgh และก็สะพานรอบๆ

การวางเป้าหมายสำหรับสถานที่เริ่มตั้งแต่ปี 1991 เมื่อบรรดาคนที่อยู่ในที่ประชุมของเมืองอยากให้สถานที่จัดงาน ballpark ในเมืองของพวกเขาเลียนแบบสถาปัตยกรรมและก็ความสวยสดงดงามของสนามเบสบอลแบบคลาสสิกแทนที่จะมีประโยชน์ เหมือนกับกรณีของสนามกีฬา Three Rivers เอนกประสงค์ซึ่งเป็นบรรพบุรุษของสวนสาธารณะ

สนามเบสบอล PNC Park

แล้วก็หากจะกล่าวว่าเมืองพิตส์เบิร์กเป็นที่นิยมก็เป็นการบอกที่ผิดจำต้อง มีมวลชนที่รู้จักกันในชื่อ HOK Sport ได้วางแบบสนามเบสบอลที่มีลักษณะคล้ายกับ Fenway Park, Wrigley Field รวมทั้ง Forbes Field ซึ่งเป็นบรรพบุรุษของ PNC Park อย่าง Three Rivers Stadium เข้ามาแทนที่

โดยเหตุนี้ถ้าคุณเข้าชมริเวอร์คาสิโนพิตส์เบิร์กระหว่างเมษายนถึงกันคุณยายน - ไม่เลยในต.ค. - บางคราวคุณควรจะวางเดิมพันที่ Sportsbook ที่ตั้งอยู่ในคาสิโนแล้วก็ไปที่ PNC Park เพื่อดูเกมแบบใหม่ๆและก็ด้วยตัวเอง

รวมทั้งแม้คุณชนะหรือแพ้พนันคุณค้ำประกันได้สองสิ่ง: มุมมองของเส้นขอบฟ้าพิตส์เบิร์กที่คุณจะไม่มีทางลืมและก็อีกไม่กี่ชั่วโมงในสนามเบสบอลที่เยี่ยมที่สุดในเมเจอร์ลีกเบสบอล

West-End Elliott Overlook Park
เมืองพิตต์สเบิร์กรัฐเพนซิลเวเนียมีเส้นขอบฟ้าที่ยิ่งใหญ่ที่สุดของเมืองอะไรก็ตามในอเมริกา ฉันเคยไปหลายเมืองในชีวิตและไม่มีอะไรเทียบ ไม่มีอะไรเช่นเดียวกับการขับรถยนต์มุ่งหน้าไปทางทิศตะวันออกผ่านอุโมงค์ Fort Pitt เพื่อดูเส้นขอบฟ้าของเมืองที่โผล่ขึ้นมาเมื่อคุณออกมาจากอุโมงค์

วันหนึ่งสำหรับการตรวจสอบเนินรอบๆของเมืองแล้วก็ละแวกใกล้เคียงทำให้ได้รับทิวทัศน์ที่เด่นเช่นเดียวกัน สถานที่หนึ่งในนั้นเป็น West End Overlook Park ซึ่งคนภายในพื้นที่ชอบถูกตัดให้สั้นลงไปที่ West End Overlook โดยคนภายในพื้นที่

West-End Elliott Overlook Park

บางทีอาจเป็นทิวทัศน์ที่งดงามที่สุดที่คุณจะเจอได้ชานเมือง แล้วก็หากคุณเคยสงสัยว่าตากล้องถ่ายรูปเส้นขอบฟ้าพิตส์เบิร์กยอดฮิตพวกนั้นที่แหน่งใดมีคำตอบของคุณ

สวนสาธารณะมีสวนภูมิทัศน์แล้วก็ทางเท้าใต้ต้นไม้ที่มีร่มเงา และก็คุณไม่มีความจำเป็นที่จะต้องตื่นตระหนกเกี่ยวกับการนำอะไรมานั่งเนื่องด้วยเมืองนี้ดูแลประเด็นนี้ด้วยแบงค์หินที่มีระเบียง

ถ้าหากคุณเป็นคู่รักธรรมชาติแล้วก็ดูทิวภาพอันน่าทึ่งของเมือง Allegheny, Monongahela และก็แม่น้ำโอไฮโอที่ประกบข้างดาวน์ทาวน์พิตส์เบิร์กจะมีผลให้เรือของคุณพังทลายลงจากพื้นคาสิโนแล้วสัมผัสประสบการณ์นี้

ใช่มันหมายคือการออกจากเกมบนโต๊ะคาสิโนสักสองสามชั่วโมง แม้กระนั้นคุณจะดีอกดีใจที่คุณทำ

สวนสัตว์ Pittsburgh รวมทั้งศูนย์การแสดงสัตว์น้ำ PPG
สวนสัตว์รวมทั้งศูนย์การแสดงสัตว์น้ำพิตส์เบิร์กอายุยง 122 ปีมีพื้นที่ 77 เอเคอร์พรีเซนเทชั่นสัตว์กว่า 475 ประเภทรวมทั้งสัตว์ใกล้สิ้นพันธุ์ 20 ประเภท สวนสัตว์และก็ศูนย์การแสดงสัตว์น้ำที่นี้เป็นเลิศในหกสวนสัตว์รวมทั้งศูนย์การแสดงสัตว์น้ำในประเทศฉะนั้นคุณก็เลยรู้สึกพิเศษเมื่อก้าวเท้าเข้าไปในสถานที่เที่ยวยอดฮิตแห่งหนึ่งของพิตส์เบิร์ก

การจัดแสดงที่สะดุดตาที่สุดของคุณ ตัวอย่างเช่น Forest Passage, African Savannah, PPG Aquarium, Tropical Forest, The Islands, Jungle Odyssey, Water's Edge แล้วก็ Kid's Kingdom โดยแต่ละประเภทจะพรีเซ็นท์สายพันธุ์ที่เป็นเอกลักษณ์ของตนท่ามกลางสัตว์กว่า 4,000 ตัวที่อาศัยอยู่ในสวนสัตว์ .


ด้วยเหตุนั้นถ้าคุณเป็นคู่รักสัตว์ทดลองใช้ประโยชน์จากการดูแลและรักษาที่หายากซึ่งมีอยู่ไม่กี่ที่ในประเทศสหรัฐอเมริกา ช่วยเครียดลดลงได้อย่างสมบูรณ์แบบแม้วันนั้นมิได้อยู่บนชั้นคาสิโนรวมทั้งถ้าเกิดคุณอยู่ในพิตส์เบิร์กกับครอบครัวลูกๆของคุณจะถูกใจสิ่งนี้มากยิ่งกว่าสิ่งอื่นใดในเมือง

พักผ่อนจากพื้นเกมรวมทั้งรับข้อเสนอที่ยอดเยี่ยมของพิตส์เบิร์กเกี่ยวกับสัตว์ป่าแปลกใหม่ คุณจะดีอกดีใจที่ได้ออกห่างจากแม่น้ำเมื่อคุณได้สัมผัสกับประสบการณ์คราวหนึ่งในชีวิตนี้

ริเวอร์คาสิโนพิตส์เบิร์กเป็นเพียงแค่เศษเสี้ยวหนึ่งของสิ่งที่ทำให้เมืองพิตต์สเบิร์กเป็นเยี่ยมในที่พักผ่อนที่ยิ่งใหญ่ที่สุดในสหรัฐฯ แน่ๆว่าริเวอร์คาสิโนให้การเล่นเกมแล้วก็ความรื่นเริงใจพอเพียงที่จะทำให้ท่านยุ่งตลอดทั้งอาทิตย์

แม้กระนั้นมันก็คุ้มที่จะออกไปเมืองนอกพื้นที่คาสิโนเพื่อสัมผัสกับวัฒนธรรมวิทยาศาสตร์ธรรมชาติแล้วก็มุมมองที่งามของเมือง จากนักช้อปที่คุณท่องเที่ยวชายน้ำไปจนกระทั่งคู่รักธรรมชาติสำหรับการเดินไปที่ West End Elliott Overlook Park เพื่อดูทิวภาพที่ดีเยี่ยมที่สุดของเมืองบริเวณ


คุณเคยไปสถานที่อะไรก็ตามที่กำหนดไว้ข้างต้นหรือเคยทดลองใช้ที่ Rivers Casino Pittsburgh ไหม? แจ้งให้พวกเรารู้ในความเห็น.
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TLOU Pt3 Plot ideas

So I've just finished Pt2 for a fourth time, and am glad to say I started my fifth run immediately after. I just can't get enough of it. But part of that comes the same issue I had seven years ago when finishing Pt1: day-dreaming about what comes next. And although I've read a lot of speculation, I've arrived at my personal idea of what I think would make a good finale, as it does seem like both Pt1 and Pt2 were acts one and two in a three act play.
FYI: this isn't a fully formed idea, and, like I said, is a product of an obsessive's day-dreams.
So, in my heart of hearts, in Pt 3, I see Ellie seeking out Dina, and returning to Jackson together, alongside J.J. I know that it holds a lot of bad memories for Ellie, but after she left Dina to hunt down Abby, I can see Dina being persistent that they stay in Jackson, as added protection for J.J. as well as herself - this could show Ellie's new goal for the foreseeable future: proving to Dina that she has moved on from Joel's death, and her priority is J.J. and Dina. Ten-or-so years pass, and life in Jackson for the family-of-three is tranquil, and simple. This all takes place within the prologue, as we get to see more of Jackson: further modernisation and expansion, as well as a growing and thriving population. All is well until the Fireflies arrive in Jackson. Led by Abby (with Lev as her second-in-command, perhaps heading her military wing, incorporating the stealth elements of the Seraphites), the group emphasises the 'fire' in 'Fireflies', as flames devour Jackson, and they capture or slaughter all inhabitants. They publicly execute Tommy and Maria, still leaders of their community, as incentive to give up Ellie.
They are hunting Ellie; as the militia group grew over the past decade, they found several doctors, with enough skill and know-how between them to attempt the same procedure that Abby's dad would've performed on Ellie, given the chance. However, now knowing what hangs in the balance and the resistance they had been met with in their first attempt to produce a vaccine, the Fireflies hold the opinion that failure is no option, and they will get Ellie by any means, adopting force as their prominent tool, whilst Abby channels the offensive tactics she'd learned under Isaac in Seattle. Ellie would naturally opt for giving herself up for the safety of Jackson, but before she gets a chance to give herself up, Dina is shot. Her dying wish: save J.J. and get him to safety, to El Paso. She believed some friends she saved from the Ravens in events prior to Pt2 would help, as she'd rescued and returned their daughter whilst in New Mexico. Dina dies in Ellie's arms, as J.J., around the same age as Ellie when she met Joel, stands over them. The loss of her life and the assumption of sole guardianship of J.J. propels Ellie to start to understand the position Joel was in at Salt Lake City, being a choice between saving humankind or protecting someone she loves and feels a parental duty towards. Ellie and J.J. escape, towards Denver, through the Wind River Reservation.
When they arrive, they are met by a small group of Native Americans; their tribe, the Arapaho, were not met by the cordyceps due to their isolation, and although their numbers now dwindle, survived as a tribe. Although at first sceptical and defensive towards Ellie and J.J., they see them, battered and burned, and agree them safe passage. One of the tribe members, becoming worried that his people have run their course, leaves his tribe, and guides Ellie and J.J. as far as Denver on horseback.
Upon reaching Denver, Ellie and J.J. and their guide arrive at the city gate, looking seemingly abandoned, before their guide is shot. Denver is still a QZ, and FEDRA takes no refugees, or prisoners. In the chaos, the two manage to sneak through the sewer. They are met with little resistance in the underground, aside from infected, who are used as defence tools by FEDRA. The local resistance groups have all abandoned the city, as FEDRA starts using the populace as slave labour. Ellie and J.J. hide out in a warehouse, which turns out to be a marijuana growing facility. Whilst holed up, Ellie reminisces to J.J. about her and Dina's bond over the herb. J.J. asks if they can take it, to which Ellie starts to argue he is too young. This causes a conflict of interest internally for her, as she feels again how Joel must've felt. She thinks on it, before realising the reason Joel had thought her too young before: the issue of Ellie being armed. Whilst they talk about it, they are ambushed by FEDRA, who roll up in an pickup, Ellie barely managing to take them all out. This pushes her to arm J.J. with a pistol, in a similar way that Joel had done to her. They take the truck and flee the city under gunfire, J.J. sneakily taking some of the weed in an air-tight jar whilst Ellie is distracted.
They make it to Las Vegas, NM, and hole up there as the truck gets a flat tire. J.J. asks where all the hotels and casinos are, making Ellie laugh genuinely for the first time since Jackson. J.J. reveals the smuggled weed, and Ellie, against her better judgement, agrees to smoke it with him. They find a guitar, and she restrings it as she talks about Dina, Joel, and Jesse as the two of them smoke. She finishes restringing it, but the high caused her to forget she’d lost her fingers, and they laugh. J.J. takes it from her, and plays a few notes, before revealing that he and Dina had been learning to play as a present for Ellie's upcoming birthday. This makes Ellie cry, and they embrace, and go to sleep.
The story picks up with them in a repaired truck, arriving at Truth or Consequences. J.J. points out the weird name of the town, and the "deepness" behind the name. This triggers Ellie to begin thinking of Joel and the consequences of his truth about what happened in Salt Lake City. Distracted by these daydreams, they are caught off-guard with an ambush, similar to the one Ellie and Joel experience in Pittsburgh, this time being delivered by the Ravens, who Dina speaks of in Pt2. They manage to shake them off for a while, before J.J. is captured. Ellie attempts to rescue him, but is captured herself. When she regains consciousness, they are on the road to El Paso, just outside the city.
Ellie manages to escape, but is forced to leave J.J. in captivity. She manages to find a transmitter, and calls out to the Fireflies, letting them know her location. She knows this will be her only chance to get J.J. away from the Ravens, as they will be distracted by the impending Firefly force invading the city. Ellie hides out in an apartment in an abandoned complex in the north of the city - in which she discovers Dina's friends she was supposed to find had resided in, before taking their lives instead of being taken prisoner by the Ravens - which is overlooking the prison which J.J is kept in, as well as the road leading north from the city. After a fortnight of scouting the prison and making an escape plan, she is awoken one night to a warm glow of fire on the northern horizon: the Firefly army, numbering a few hundred, an amount neither the Ravens nor Ellie could possibly hope to hold off against. As they launch their attack, Ellie descends to the prison, learning that all the prisoners have been moved to the southern border of the city, on the cusp of Mexico. The man she learns it from says something along the lines of, "Don't hurt me, I'm a Firefly! I've been waiting for them to rise up again!" to which Ellie replies, "Either way, you're no friend of mine." Before killing him.
She journeys through the city, getting caught between the Fireflies and the Ravens, as well as the infected being drawn towards the huge explosions and gunfire of the newborn war. She finally reaches the prisoners, most of whom pledge Firefly allegiance, and are roaring with cheer, believing Ellie to be a Firefly. She walks along the cages containing them, and shoots them, one-by-one, before arriving at one looking down, silent. She orders him to look up, before J.J. reveals himself, his eyes full of tears at the atrocity she had just committed. She throws her gun down, and starts to cry, before she hears a whistle similar to the Seraphites. She looks over, and lifts her hand up as an arrow impales it, the head stopping short of her face. She cries in pain, and looks to the person who shot it: Lev. And behind him, Abby.
They fight, with Ellie seemingly killing Lev, and is left in a CQC fight with Abby. The is beaten with Abby holding her in a chokehold. As her vision begins to blur, she sees Lev, still alive, taking J.J. out of the cage, throwing him on the floor, and aiming an arrow at him. Ellie becomes overcome with protective rage, managed to use 'mother's strength' to overpower Abby - who believes Ellie is pretty much subdued - and uses Abby's gun to first shoot Lev, then hold Abby and gunpoint. They have a verbal confrontation, before Ellie looks to J.J. - who seems to now understand the nature of people outside of Jackson - and gives an approving nod. Ellie looks at Abby, and says, "I made the mistake of letting you live once, not again." To which Abby replies, "Please, just let me go, I'm finished." Ellie responds, "You'd just come after me." before planting a bullet in Abby's skull. They hear the ongoing war nearby, and look south, to Mexico. They manage to get through the wall, and take a horse from the Ravens stables. The closing scene is the two of them riding away from El Paso and the certainty of death and violence, and towards uncertain safety and peace, which is the better option of the two.
Again, this is just the daydreams of an obsessive, but it comes from a place of love for the series, and I am looking forward to any creative direction the studio decides to take.
I'd really love to hear you guys' opinions of these ideas, and if you'd have any changes. Like I said, I love the series, and any discussion about it. Thanks for reading!
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What a USL D1 league might look like

TL;DR: Man with too much time on his hands goes deep down the rabbit hole on a concept this sub already didn’t seem that enthusiastic about. If you really want to skip ahead, CTRL+F “verdict” and it’ll get you there.
Two days ago, u/MrPhillyj2wns made a post asking whether USL should launch a D1 league in order to compete in Concacaf. From the top voted replies, it appears this made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.
But I’ve been at home for eight weeks and I am terribly, terribly bored.
So, I present to you this overview of what the USL pyramid might look like if Jake Edwards got a head of steam and attempted to establish a USSF-sanctioned first division. This is by no means an endorsement of such a proposal or even a suggestion that USL SHOULD do such a thing. It is merely an examination of whether they COULD.
Welcome to the Thunderdome USL Premiership
First, there are some base-level assumptions we must make in this exercise, because it makes me feel more scientific and not like a guy who wrote this on Sunday while watching the Belarusian Premier League (Go BATE Borisov!).
  1. All D1 teams must comply with known USSF requirements for D1 leagues (more on that later).
  2. MLS, not liking this move, will immediately remove all directly-owned affiliate clubs from the USL structure (this does not include hybrid ownerships, like San Antonio FC – NYCFC). This removes all MLS2 teams but will not affect Colorado Springs, Reno, RGVFC and San Antonio.
  3. The USL will attempt to maintain both the USL Championship and USL League One, with an eventual mind toward creating the pro/rel paradise that is promised in Relegations 3:16.
  4. All of my research regarding facility size and ownership net worth is correct – this is probably the biggest leap of faith we have to make, since googling “NAME net worth” and “CITY richest people” doesn’t seem guaranteed to return accurate results.
  5. The most a club can increase its available seating capacity to meet D1 requirements in a current stadium is no more than 1,500 seats (10% of the required 15,000). If they need to add more, they’ll need a new facility.
  6. Let’s pretend that people are VERY willing to sell. It’s commonly acknowledged that the USL is a more financially feasible route to owning a soccer club than in MLS (c.f. MLS-Charlotte’s reported $325 million expansion fee) and the USSF has some very strict requirements for D1 sanctioning. It becomes pretty apparent when googling a lot of team’s owners that this requirement isn’t met, so let’s assume everyone that can’t sells to people who meet the requirements.
(Known) USSF D1 league requirements:
- League must have 12 teams to apply and 14 teams by year three
- Majority owner must have a net worth of $40 million, and the ownership group must have a total net worth of $70 million. The value of an owned stadium is not considered when calculating this value.
- Must have teams located in the Eastern, Central and Pacific time zones
- 75% of league’s teams must be based in markets with at a metro population of at least 1 million people.
- All league stadiums must have a capacity of at least 15,000
The ideal club candidate for the USL Premiership will meet the population and capacity requirements in its current ground, which will have a grass playing surface. Of the USL Championship’s 27 independent/hybrid affiliate clubs, I did not find one club that meets all these criteria as they currently stand.
Regarding turf fields, the USSF does not have a formal policy regarding the ideal playing surface but it is generally acknowledged that grass is superior to turf. 6 of 26 MLS stadiums utilize turf, or roughly 23% of stadiums. We’ll hold a similar restriction for our top flight, so 2-3 of our top flight clubs can have turf fields. Seem fair?
Capacity is going to be the biggest issue, since the disparity between current requirements for the second-tier (5,000) and the first tier (15,000) is a pretty massive gap. Nice club you have there, triple your capacity and you’re onto something. As a result, I have taken the liberty of relocating certain (read: nearly all) clubs to new grounds, trying my utmost to keep those clubs in their current markets and –importantly--, ensure they play on grass surfaces.
So, let’s do a case-by-case evaluation and see if we can put together 12-14 teams that meet the potential requirements, because what else do you have to do?
For each club’s breakdown, anything that represents a chance from what is currently true will be underlined.
Candidate: Birmingham Legion FC
Location (Metro population): Birmingham, Ala. (1,151,801)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Legion Field (FieldTurf, 71,594)
Potential owner: Stephens Family (reported net worth $4 billion)
Notes: Birmingham has a pretty strong candidacy. Having ditched the 5,000-seater BBVA Field for Legion Field, which sits 2.4 miles away, they’ve tapped into the city’s soccer history. Legion Field hosted portions of both the men’s and women’s tournaments at the 1996 Olympics, including a 3-1 U.S. loss to Argentina that saw 83,183 pack the house. The Harbert family seemed like strong ownership contenders, but since the death of matriarch Marguerite Harbert in 2015, it’s unclear where the wealth in the family is concentrated, so the Stephens seem like a better candidate. The only real knock that I can think of is that we really want to avoid having clubs play on turf, so I’d say they’re on the bubble of our platonic ideal USL Prem.
Candidate: Charleston Battery
Location (Metro population): Charleston, S.C. (713,000)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Johnson Hagood Stadium (Grass, ~14,700)
Potential owner: Anita Zucker (reported net worth $3 billion)
Notes: Charleston’s candidacy isn’t looking great. Already disadvantaged due to its undersized metro population, a move across the Cooper River to Johnson Hagood Stadium is cutting it close in terms of capacity. The stadium, home to The Citadel’s football team, used to seat 21,000, before 9,300 seats on the eastern grandstand were torn down in 2017 to deal with lead paint that had been used in their construction. Renovation plans include adding 3,000 seats back in, which could hit 15,000 if they bumped it to 3,300, but throw in a required sale by HCFC, LLC (led by content-creation platform founder Rob Salvatore) to chemical magnate Anita Zucker, and you’ll see there’s a lot of ifs and ands in this proposal.
Candidate: Charlotte Independence
Location (Metro population): Charlotte, N.C. (2,569, 213)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Jerry Richardson Stadium (Turf, 15,314)
Potential owner: James Goodnight (reported net worth $9.1 billion)
Notes: Charlotte ticks a lot of the boxes. A move from the Sportsplex at Matthews to UNC-Charlotte’s Jerry Richardson stadium meets capacity requirements, but puts them on to the dreaded turf. Regrettably, nearby American Legion Memorial Stadium only seats 10,500, despite a grass playing surface. With a sizeable metro population (sixth-largest in the USL Championship) and a possible owner in software billionaire James Goodnight, you’ve got some options here. The biggest problem likely lies in direct competition for market share against a much better-funded MLS Charlotte side due to join the league in 2021.
Candidate: Hartford Athletic
Location (Metro population): Hartford, Conn. (1,214,295)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Pratt & Whitney Stadium (Grass, 38,066)
Potential owner: Ray Dalio (reported net worth $18.4 billion)
Notes: Okay, I cheated a bit here, having to relocate Hartford to Pratt & Whitney Stadium, which is technically in East Hartford, Conn. I don’t know enough about the area to know if there’s some kind of massive beef between the two cities, but the club has history there, having played seven games in 2019 while Dillon Stadium underwent renovations. If the group of local businessmen that currently own the club manage to attract Dalio to the table, we’re on to something.
Candidate: Indy Eleven
Location (Metro population): Indianapolis, Ind. (2,048,703)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Lucas Oil Stadium (Turf, 62,421)
Potential owner: Jim Irsay (reported net worth of $3 billion)
Notes: Indy Eleven are a club that are SO CLOSE to being an ideal candidate – if it weren’t for Lucas Oil Stadium’s turf playing surface. Still, there’s a lot to like in this bid. I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what current owner and founder Ersal Ozdemir is worth, but it seems like there might be cause for concern. A sale to Irsay, who also owns the NFL Indianapolis (nee Baltimore) Colts, seems likely to keep the franchise there, rather than make a half-mile move to 14,230 capacity Victory Field where the AAA Indianapolis Indians play and expand from there.
Candidate: Louisville City FC
Location (Metro population): Louisville, Ky. (1,297,310)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Lynn Family Stadium (Grass, 14,000, possibly expandable to 20,000)
Potential owner: Wayne Hughes (reported net worth $2.8 billion)
Notes: I’m stretching things a bit here. Lynn Family stadium is currently listed as having 11,700 capacity that’s expandable to 14,000, but they’ve said that the ground could hold as many as 20,000 with additional construction, which might be enough to grant them a temporary waiver from USSF. If the stadium is a no-go, then there’s always Cardinal Stadium, home to the University of Louisville’s football team, which seats 65,000 but is turf. Either way, it seems like a sale to someone like Public Storage founder Wayne Hughes will be necessary to ensure the club has enough capital.
Candidate: Memphis 901 FC
Location (Metro population): Memphis, Tenn. (1,348,260)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Liberty Bowl Stadium (Turf, 58,325)
Potential owner: Fred Smith (reported net worth $3 billion)
Notes: Unfortunately for Memphis, AutoZone Park’s 10,000 seats won’t cut it at the D1 level. With its urban location, it would likely prove tough to renovate, as well. Liberty Bowl Stadium more than meets the need, but will involve the use of the dreaded turf. As far as an owner goes, FedEx founder Fred Smith seems like a good local option.
Candidate: Miami FC, “The”
Location (Metro population): Miami, Fla. (6,158,824)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Riccardo Silva Stadium (FieldTurf, 20,000)
Potential owner: Riccardo Silva (reported net worth $1 billion)
Notes: Well, well, well, Silva might get his wish for top-flight soccer, after all. He’s got the money, he’s got the metro, and his ground has the capacity. There is the nagging issue of the turf, though. Hard Rock Stadium might present a solution, including a capacity of 64,767 and a grass playing surface. It is worth noting, however, that this is the first profile where I didn’t have to find a new potential owner for a club.
Candidate: North Carolina FC
Location (Metro population): Durham, N.C. (1,214,516 in The Triangle)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Carter-Finley Stadium (Grass/Turf, 57,583)
Potential owner: Steve Malik (precise net worth unknown) / Dennis Gillings (reported net worth of $1.7 billion)
Notes: We have our first “relocation” in North Carolina FC, who were forced to trade Cary’s 10,000-seat WakeMed Soccer Park for Carter-Finley Stadium in Durham, home of the NC State Wolfpack and 57,583 of their closest friends. The move is a whopping 3.1 miles, thanks to the close-knit hub that exists between Cary, Durham and Raleigh. Carter-Finley might be my favorite of the stadium moves in this exercise. The field is grass, but the sidelines are artificial turf. Weird, right? Either way, it was good enough for Juventus to play a friendly against Chivas de Guadalajara there in 2011. Maybe the move would be pushed for by new owner and medical magnate Dennis Gillings, whose British roots might inspire him to get involved in the Beautiful Game. Straight up, though, I couldn’t find a net worth for current owner Steve Malik, though he did sell his company MedFusion for $91 million in 2010, then bought it back for an undisclosed amount and sold it again for $43 million last November. I don’t know if Malik has the juice to meet D1 requirements, but I suspect he’s close.
Candidate: Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC
Location (Metro population): Pittsburgh, Penn. (2,362,453)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Heinz Field (Grass, 64,450)
Potential owner: Henry Hillman (reported net worth $2.5 billion)
Notes: I don’t know a ton about the Riverhounds, but this move in particular feels like depriving a pretty blue-collar club from its roots. Highmark Stadium is a no-go from a seating perspective, but the Steelers’ home stadium at Heinz Field would more than meet the requirements and have a grass surface that was large enough to be sanctioned for a FIFA friendly between the U.S. WNT and Costa Rica in 2015. As for an owner, Tuffy Shallenberger (first ballot owner name HOF) doesn’t seem to fit the USSF bill, but legendary Pittsburgh industrialist Henry Hillman might. I’m sure you’re asking, why not the Rooney Family, if they’ll play at Heinz Field? I’ll tell you: I honestly can’t seem to pin down a value for the family. The Steelers are valued at a little over a billion and rumors persist that Dan Rooney is worth $500 million, but I’m not sure. I guess the Rooneys would work too, but it’s a definite departure from an owner in Shallenberger who was described by one journalist as a guy who “wears boots, jeans, a sweater and a trucker hat.”
Candidate: Saint Louis FC
Location (Metro population): St. Louis, Mo. (2,807,338)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Busch Stadium (Grass, 45,494)
Potential owner: William DeWitt Jr. (reported net worth $4 billion)
Notes: Saint Louis has some weirdness in making the jump to D1. Current CEO Jim Kavanaugh is an owner of the MLS side that will begin play in 2022. The club’s current ground at West Community Stadium isn’t big enough, but perhaps a timely sale to Cardinals owner William DeWitt Jr. could see the club playing games at Busch Stadium, which has a well established history of hosting other sports like hockey, college football and soccer (most recently a U.S. WNT friendly against New Zealand in 2019). The competition with another MLS franchise wouldn’t be ideal, like Charlotte, but with a big enough population and cross marketing from the Cardinals, maybe there’s a winner here. Wacko idea: If Busch doesn’t pan out, send them to The Dome. Sure, it’s a 60k turf closed-in stadium, but we can go for that retro NASL feel and pay homage to our nation’s soccer history.
Candidate: Tampa Bay Rowdies
Location (Metro population): Tampa, Fla. (3,068,511)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Raymond James Stadium (Grass, 65,518)
Potential owner: Edward DeBartolo Jr. (reported net worth $3 billion)
Notes: This one makes me sad. Despite having never been there, I see Al Lang Stadium as an iconic part of the Rowdies experience. Current owner Bill Edwards proposed an expansion to 18,000 seats in 2016, but the move seems to have stalled out. Frustrated with the city’s lack of action, Edwards sells to one-time San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo Jr., who uses his old NFL connections to secure a cushy lease at the home of the Buccaneers in Ray Jay, the site of a 3-1 thrashing of Antigua and Barbuda during the United States’ 2014 World Cup Qualifying campaign.
Breather. Hey, we finished the Eastern Conference teams. Why are you still reading this? Why am I still writing it? Time is a meaningless construct in 2020 my friends, we are adrift in the void, fueled only by brief flashes of what once was and what may yet still be.
Candidate: Austin Bold FC
Location (Metro population): Austin, Texas (2,168,316)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Darrel K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium (FieldTurf, 95,594)
Potential owner: Michael Dell (reported net worth of $32.3 billion)
Notes: Anthony Precourt’s Austin FC has some unexpected competition and it comes in the form of tech magnate Michael Dell. Dell, were he to buy the club, would be one of the richest owners on our list and could flash his cash in the new first division. Would he have enough to convince Darrel K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium (I’m not kidding, that’s its actual name) to go back to a grass surface, like it did from ’96-’08? That’s between Dell and nearly 100,000 UT football fans, but everything can be had for the right price.
Candidate: Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC
Location (Metro population): Colorado Springs, Colo. (738,939)
Time zone: Mountain
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Falcon Stadium (FieldTurf, 46,692)
Potential owner: Charles Ergen (reported net worth $10.8 billion)
Notes: Welcome to Colorado Springs. We have hurdles. For the first time in 12 candidates, we’re back below the desired 1 million metro population mark. Colorado Springs actually plans to build a $35 million, 8,000 seat venue downtown that will be perfect for soccer, but in our timeline that’s 7,000 seats short. Enter Falcon Stadium, home of the Air Force Academy Falcons football team. Seems perfect except for the turf, right? Well, the tricky thing is that Falcon Stadium is technically on an active military base and is (I believe) government property. Challenges to getting in and out of the ground aside, the military tends to have a pretty grim view of government property being used by for-profit enterprises. Maybe Charles Ergen, founder and chairman of Dish Network, would be able to grease the right wheels, but you can go ahead and throw this into the “doubtful” category. It’s a shame, too. 6,035 feet of elevation is one hell of a home-field advantage.
Candidate: El Paso Locomotive FC
Location: El Paso, Texas
Time zone: Mountain
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Sun Bowl (FieldTurf, 51,500)
Potential owner: Paul Foster (reported net worth $1.7 billion)
Notes: God bless Texas. When compiling this list, I found so many of the theoretical stadium replacements were nearly serviceable by high school football fields. That’s insane, right? Anyway, Locomotive don’t have to settle for one of those, they’ve got the Sun Bowl, which had its capacity reduced in 2001 to a paltry 51,500 (from 52,000) specifically to accommodate soccer. Sure, it’s a turf surface, but what does new owner Paul Foster (who is only the 1,477th wealthiest man in the world, per Forbes) care, he’s got a team in a top league. Side note: Did you know that the Sun Bowl college football game is officially, through sponsorship, the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl? Why is it not the Frosted Flakes Sun Bowl? Why is the cereal mascot the promotional name of the football game? What are you doing, Kellogg’s?
Candidate: Las Vegas Lights FC
Location: Las Vegas, Nev. (2,227,053)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Allegiant Stadium (Grass, 61,000)
Potential owner: Sheldon Adelson (reported net worth $37.7 billion)
Notes: Sin City. You had to know that the club that once signed Freddy Adu because “why not” was going to go all out in our flashy hypothetical proposal. Thanks to my narrative control of this whole thing, they have. Adelson is the second-richest owner in the league and has decided to do everything first class. That includes using the new Raiders stadium in nearby unincorporated Paradise, Nevada, and spending boatloads on high profile transfers. Zlatan is coming back to the U.S., confirmed.
Candidate: New Mexico United
Location: Albuquerque, N.M.
Time zone: Mountain
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Isotopes Park – officially Rio Grande Credit Union Field at Isotopes Park (Grass, 13,500 – 15,000 with expansion)
Potential owner: Maloof Family (reported net worth $1 billion)
Notes: New Mexico from its inception went deep on the community vibe, and I’ve tried to replicate that in this bid. The home field of Rio Grande Cr---I’m not typing out the whole thing—Isotopes Park falls just within the expansion rules we set to make it to 15,000 (weird, right?) and they’ve found a great local ownership group in the Lebanese-American Maloof (formerly Maalouf) family from Las Vegas. The only thing to worry about would be the metro population, but overall, this could be one of the gems of USL Prem.
Candidate: Oklahoma City Energy FC
Location: Oklahoma City, Okla. (1,396,445)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark (Grass, 13,066)
Potential owner: Harold Hamm (reported net worth $14.2 billion)
Notes: There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow and it says it’s time to change stadiums and owners to make it to D1. A sale to oil magnate Harold Hamm would give the club the finances it needs, but Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark (home of the OKC Dodgers) actually falls outside of the boundary of what would meet capacity if 1,500 seats were added. Could the club pull off a move to Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma – home of the Oklahoma Sooners? Maybe, but at 20 miles, this would be a reach.
Candidate: Orange County SC
Location: Irvine, Calif. (3,176, 000 in Orange County)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Angels Stadium of Anaheim (Grass, 43,250)
Potential owner: Arte Moreno (reported net worth $3.3 billion)
Notes: You’ll never convince me that Rangers didn’t choose to partner with Orange County based primarily on its name. Either way, a sale to MLB Angels owner Arte Moreno produces a fruitful partnership, with the owner choosing to play his newest club out of the existing Angels stadium in OC. Another baseball conversion, sure, but with a metro population of over 3 million and the closest thing this hypothetical league has to an LA market, who’s complaining?
Candidate: Phoenix Rising FC
Location: Phoenix, Ariz. (4,857,962)
Time zone: Arizona
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): State Farm Stadium (Grass, 63,400)
Potential owner: Ernest Garcia II (reported net worth $5.7 billion)
Notes: We’re keeping it local with new owner and used car guru Ernest Garcia II. His dad owned a liquor store and he dropped out of college, which is making me feel amazing about my life choices right now. Casino Arizona Field is great, but State Farm Stadium is a grass surface that hosted the 2019 Gold Cup semifinal, so it’s a clear winner. Throw in Phoenix’s massive metro population and this one looks like a lock.
Candidate: Reno 1868 FC
Location: Reno, Nev. (425,417)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Mackay Stadium (FieldTurf, 30,000)
Potential owner: Nancy Walton Laurie (reported net worth $7.1 billion)
Notes: The Biggest Little City on Earth has some serious barriers to overcome, thanks to its low metro population. A sale to Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie and 1.6 mile-move to Mackay Stadium to split space with the University of Nevada, Reno makes this bid competitive, but the turf surface is another knock against it.
Candidate: Rio Grande Valley FC
Location: Edinburg, Texas (900,304)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): McAllen Memorial Stadium (FieldTurf, 13,500 – 15,000 with expansion)
Potential owner: Alice Louise Walton (reported net worth $45 billion)
Notes: Yes, I have a second straight Walmart heiress on the list. She was the first thing that popped up when I googled “McAllen Texas richest people.” The family rivalry has spurred Walton to buy a club as well, moving them 10 miles to McAllen Memorial Stadium which, as I alluded to earlier, is a straight up high school football stadium with a full color scoreboard. Toss in an additional 1,500 seats and you’ve met the minimum, despite the turf playing surface.
Candidate: San Antonio FC
Location: San Antonio, Texas (2,550,960)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Alamodome (FieldTurf, 64,000)
Potential owner: Red McCombs (reported net worth $1.6 billion)
Notes: I wanted to keep SAFC in the Spurs family, since the franchise is valued at $1.8 billion. That said, I didn’t let the Rooneys own the Riverhounds based on the Steelers’ value and it felt wrong to change the rules, so bring on Clear Channel co-founder Red McCombs. Toyota Field isn’t viable in the first division, but for the Alamodome, which was built in 1993 in hopes of attracting an NFL franchise (and never did), San Antonio can finally claim having *a* national football league team in its town (contingent on your definition of football). Now if only we could do something about that turf…
Candidate: San Diego Loyal SC
Location: San Diego, Calif. (3,317,749)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): SDCCU Stadium (formerly Qualcomm) (Grass, 70,561)
Potential owner: Phil Mickelson (reported net worth $91 million)
Notes: Yes, golf’s Phil Mickelson. The existing ownership group didn’t seem to have the wherewithal to meet requirements, and Phil seemed to slot right in. As an athlete himself, he might be interesting in the new challenges of a top flight soccer team. Toss in a move to the former home of the chargers and you might have a basis for tremendous community support.
Candidate: FC Tulsa
Location: Tulsa, Okla. (991,561)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Skelly Field at H.A. Chapman Stadium (FieldTurf, 30,000)
Potential owner: George Kaiser ($10 billion)
Notes: I’m a fan of FC Tulsa’s rebrand, but if they want to make the first division, more changes are necessary. A sale to Tulsa native and one of the 100 richest men in the world George Kaiser means that funding is guaranteed. A move to Chapman Stadium would provide the necessary seats, despite the turf field. While the undersize population might be an issue at first glance, it’s hard to imagine U.S. Soccer not granting a waiver over a less than a 10k miss from the mark.
And that’s it! You made it. Those are all of the independent/hybrid affiliates in the USL Championship, which means that it’s time for our…
VERDICT: As an expert who has studied this issue for almost an entire day now, I am prepared to pronounce which USL Championships could be most ‘ready” for a jump to the USL Prem. A reminder that of the 27 clubs surveyed, 0 of them met our ideal criteria (proper ownership $, metro population, 15,000+ stadium with grass field).
Two of them, however, met almost all of those criteria: Indy Eleven and Miami FC. Those two clubs may use up two of our three available turf fields right from the outset, but the other factors they hit (particularly Silva’s ownership of Miami) makes them difficult, if not impossible to ignore for the top flight.
But who fill in the rest of the slots? Meet the entire 14-team USL Premier League:
Hartford Athletic
Indy Eleven
Louisville City FC
Miami FC
North Carolina FC
Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC
Tampa Bay Rowdies
Saint Louis FC
San Antonio FC
New Mexico United
Phoenix Rising FC
Las Vegas Lights FC
Orange County SC
San Diego Loyal SC
Now, I shall provide my expert rationale for each club’s inclusion/exclusion, which can be roughly broken down into four categories.
Firm “yes”
Hartford Athletic: It’s a good market size with a solid stadium. With a decent investor and good community support, you’ve got potential here.
Indy Eleven: The turf at Lucas Oil Stadium is no reason to turn down a 62,421 venue and a metro population of over 2 million.
Louisville City FC: Why doesn’t the 2017 & 2018 USL Cup champion deserve a crack at the top flight? They have the market size, and with a bit of expansion have the stadium at their own SSS. LCFC, you’re in.
Miami FC, “The”: Our other blue-chip recruit on the basis of ownership value, market size and stadium capacity. Yes, that field is turf, but how could you snub Silva’s chance to claim victory as the first division 1 club soccer team to play in Miami?
Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC: Pittsburgh sacrificed a lot to be here (according to my arbitrary calculations). Their market size and the potential boon of soccer at Heinz Field is an important inclusion to the league.
Saint Louis FC: Willie hears your “Busch League” jokes, Willie don’t care. A huge market size, combined with the absence of an NFL franchise creates opportunity. Competition with the MLS side, sure, but St. Louis has serious soccer history and we’re willing to bet it can support two clubs.
Tampa Bay Rowdies: With a huge population and a massive stadium waiting nearby, Tampa Bay seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up for the USL Prem.
Las Vegas Lights FC: Ostentatious, massive and well-financed, Las Vegas Lights FC is everything that the USL Premier League would need to assert that it didn’t intend to play second fiddle to MLS. Players will need to be kept on a short leash, but this is a hard market to pass up on.
Phoenix Rising FC: Huge population, big grass field available nearby and a solid history of success in recent years. No brainer.
San Diego Loyal SC: New club? Yes, massive population in a market that recently lost an absolutely huge sports presence? Also yes. This could be the USL Prem’s Seattle.
Cautious “yes”
New Mexico United: You have to take a chance on New Mexico United. The club set the league on fire with its social media presence and its weight in the community when it entered the league last season. The market may be slightly under USSF’s desired 1 million, but fervent support (and the ability to continue to use Isotopes Park) shouldn’t be discounted.
North Carolina FC: Carter-Finley’s mixed grass/turf surface is a barrier, to be sure, but the 57,000+ seats it offers (and being enough to offset other fully-turf offerings) is enough to put it in the black.
Orange County SC: It’s a top-tier club playing in a MLB stadium. I know it seems unlikely that USSF would approve something like that, but believe me when I say “it could happen.” Orange County is a massive market and California likely needs two clubs in the top flight.
San Antonio FC: Our third and only voluntary inclusion to the turf fields in the first division, we’re counting on San Antonio’s size and massive potential stadium to see it through.
Cautious “no”
Birmingham Legion FC: The town has solid soccer history and a huge potential venue, but the turf playing surface puts it on the outside looking in.
Memphis 901 FC: Like Birmingham, not much to dislike here outside of the turf playing surface at the larger playing venue.
Austin Bold FC: See the other two above.
FC Tulsa: Everything’s just a little bit off with this one. Market’s slightly too small, stadium has turf. Just not enough to put it over the top.
Firm “no”
Charleston Battery: Small metro and a small potential new stadium? It’s tough to say yes to the risk.
Charlotte Independence: A small new stadium and the possibility of having to compete with an organization that just paid over $300 million to join MLS means it’s best for this club to remain in the USL Championship.
Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC: When a club’s best chance to meet a capacity requirement is to host games at a venue controlled by the military, that doesn’t speak well to a club’s chances.
El Paso Locomotive FC: An undersized market and a turf field that meets capacity requirements is the death knell for this one.
Oklahoma City Energy FC: Having to expand a baseball field to meet requirements is a bad start. Having to potentially play 20 miles away from your main market is even worse.
Reno 1868 FC: Population nearly a half-million short of the federation’s requirements AND a turf field at the hypothetical new stadium makes impossible to say yes to this bid.
Rio Grande Valley FC: All the seat expansions in the world can’t hide the fact that McAllen Memorial Stadium is a high school stadium through and through.
Here’s who’s left in the 11-team Championship:
Birmingham Legion FC
Charleston Battery
Charlotte Independence
Memphis 901 FC
Austin Bold FC
Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC
El Paso Locomotive FC
Oklahoma City Energy FC
Reno 1868 FC
Rio Grande Valley FC
FC Tulsa
With MLS folding the six affiliates it has in USL League One, the league is a little bit thin (especially considering USSF’s requirements for 8 teams for lower level leagues), but seems definitely able to expand up to the necessary numbers with Edwards’ allusions to five new additions this year:
Chattanooga Red Wolves SC
Forward Madison FC
Greenville Triumph SC
Union Omaha
Richmond Kickers
South Georgia Tormenta
FC Tucson
Format of Assorted Leagues – This (like everything in this post) is pure conjecture on my part, but here are my thoughts on how these leagues might function in a first year while waiting for additional expansion.
USL Premier – We’ll steal from the 12-team Scottish Premiership. Each club plays the other 11 clubs 3 times, with either one or two home matches against each side. When each club has played 33 matches, the top six and bottom six separate, with every club playing an additional five matches (against each other team in its group). The top club wins the league. The bottom club is automatically relegated. The second-bottom club will enter a two-legged playoff against someone (see below) from the championship playoffs.
USL Championship -- 11 clubs is a challenge to schedule for. How about every club plays everyone else three times (either one or two home matches against each side)? Top four clubs make the playoffs, which are decided by two-legged playoffs. The winner automatically goes up. I need feedback on the second part – is it better to have the runner-up from the playoffs face the second-bottom club from the Premiership, or should the winner of the third-place match-up get the chance to face them to keep drama going in both playoff series? As for relegation, we can clearly only send down the last place club while the third division is so small.
USL League One – While the league is so small, it doesn’t seem reasonable to have the clubs play as many matches as the higher divisions. Each club could play the other six clubs four times – twice at home and twice away – for a very equitable 24-match regular season, which would help restrict costs and still provide a chance to determine a clear winner. Whoever finishes top of the table goes up.
And there you have it, a hypothetical look at how the USL could build a D1 league right now. All it would take is a new stadium for almost the entire league and new owners for all but one of the 27 clubs, who wouldn’t feel that their property would be massively devalued if they got relegated.
Well that’s our show. I’m curious to see what you think of all of this, especially anything that you think I may have overlooked (I’m sure there’s plenty). Anyway, I hope you’re all staying safe and well.
submitted by Soccervox to USLPRO [link] [comments]

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