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Greed is bad

So I was scammed today, I thought I learnt it in a hard way that nothing comes for free but my greed gets the better of me.
So I want you guys to know my story and don't behave like me
There was a random guy showed up last night and told me he was working on a betting site name, and he said he was a moderator who can control who wins the jackpot. And he did demonstrate to me that he can make the lowest % player win 3 times in a row. So I believed him, and he said all I have to do is use his item to bet the site and win the jackpot and split with him, so I thought it doesn't hurt since it wasn't my item.
So the first time went well, I really won the jackpot and I did it again, but the second time, the system started to ask me for 10% of deposit or pay $100 to "verify" my account to get my deposit back, and obviously, I won't do so. Then I realize it was a scam. So I stopped, but when I go to check my inventory, all of my items are gone.

All my items are traded to the Bot of the site, including other games item, which I didn't deposit to the betting site, the wired thing is, the trade that gave all my items to the Bot was made after the jackpot, I think when I log in my account there they must have got my password or something, cuz I won't approve such a trade, the part that I don't understand is how did they approve the trade when I have steam guard on my phone?
I know I was stupid to believe something would come for free, a few clicks can make me earn thousands. It was my foolishness that causes me all my items, consider a lesson bought.
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WELCOME TO CASINO DOTA: An Analysis of Luck in 7.23 Using Pseudo-Random Monte Carlo Simulations

UPDATE: Valve heard our prayers and have fixed the most significant issues outlined below. Now the difference between a "lucky" and "unlucky" team's ability to farm 3 items (the max per tier) is at least 30 creeps.

TL;DR: Even without accounting for the value of random drops, there is very significant variation in the number of creeps required to receive drops. These values are particularly impactful for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th drops, with differences ranging well into the hundreds of CS. You can follow along & reroll the simulation here.

I am sure you have all read the patch notes by now. I am sure you have thoughts about how neutrals drop items. I sure as fuck do. In addition to thoughts, here's some math.

Everyone is - correctly, as we shall see - worried about the balance problems introduced with the neutral drops mechanic. Clearly some drops are better than others, the non-worriers argue, but on average both teams will get approximately the same number of drops from the jungle (between 3-5). Whether, how, and the extent to which certain drop items are superior to others is at least partially a matter of debate. But the role that luck plays in the number of items each team gets is quantifiable and significant.

First, note that most of the threads discussing probabilities of drops assume true random distributions. Each creep has a certain chance to drop an item, which is independent from every other creep. In reality (and the patch notes) the distributions in Dota 2 are pseudorandom; each creep killed that does not drop an item increases the likelihood that the next creep will. My analysis takes PRNG into account*. The difference between pseudo and true RNG can be seen in the Charting sheet here.

Second, let us define "luck". Luck is the difference in outcomes between two identical sets of inputs. In this case, to be "lucky" is to get an item drop after killing a small number of creeps, while "unluckiness" implies having to kill a larger number of creeps in order to get the same number of items.

More specifically, I define "lucky" as requiring a number of creep-kills in the bottom quartile (25th percentile) and "unlucky" as requiring a number of creep-kills in the top quartile (75+percentile). By this definition, 1 in 16 1 in 8 games will be played between a lucky and an unlucky team or about 6.5% 13%**. I define "very lucky" and "very unlucky" as requiring creep-kills in the top and bottom decile (10th percentile and 90+ percentile). About 1% 2% of games will take place between a very lucky and very unlucky team.

To examine the role of luck, I created a 5000 entry Monte Carlo simulation using realistic Dota2 PRNG. You can copy and rerun the simulation here. Results are represented in two tables. The first shows the number of creep-kills required to get each level of drop, broken down by percentile. Each line of this table assumes that you have just received the previous drop number. The second table shows the cumulative totals found in the simulation; that is, the total number of creeps needed to get a certain number of drops.

Looking at the second table, one can see there is significant variation between the 25th and 75th percentile values, especially with larger numbers of items. For instance, a lucky team will only need less than 240 CS to get 5 items, whereas an unlucky team will need more than 370. That is a difference of at least 130 CS! What this means is that a lucky team will frequently have at least one additional item over an unlucky team, even if both teams kill an equivalent number of jungle creeps. Considering how powerful the drop items can be, especially at Tier 3+, this is functionally IceFrog randomly giving a player a 2k+ gold boost. Crazy!

When looking at very lucky versus very unlucky teams, the situation is even more dire (har har). To receive 5 items, a very unlucky team will have to kill at least 250 more creeps to receive the same number of drops as a very lucky team. In fact, a very lucky team will accumulate 5 items with the same number of CS that will net a very unlucky team three items.

Taken together, this suggests to me that the implementation of item drops is broken without even taking into account the wildly varying power levels of the abilities, the completely broken item/hero interactions (looking at you, Imp Claw and Kunkka), or the fact that random items make it impossible to forecast and counter your opponents' item builds. Two teams farming jungle at exactly the same speed will experience wildly different returns based on nothing more than luck. Especially with Tier 3 items, that can be equivalent to a gold swing in the thousands which can be decisive at higher levels of play.

OSFrog pls fix.

*If you are interested in the Python script I used to calculate the pseudorandom constant for each nominal likelihood, it is included in the PRNG tab of the Google Sheet.
**Note here that these tables apply to each new tier-timing. It is possible that one team is lucky in the 5-15min window but unlucky in the 25-35min window. The results stand regardless.
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"I think I've lived long enough to see competitive Counter-Strike as we know it, kill itself." Summary of Richard Lewis' stream (Long)

I want to preface that the contents of this post is for informational purposes. I do not condone or approve of any harassments or witch-hunting or the attacking of anybody.
Richard Lewis recently did a stream talking about the terrible state of CS esports and I thought it was an important stream anyone who cares about the CS community should listen to.
Vod Link here:
I realize it is 3 hours long so I took it upon myself to create a list of interesting points from the stream so you don't have to listen to the whole thing, although I still encourage you to do so if you can.
I know this post is still long but probably easier to digest, especially in parts.
Here is a link to my raw notes if you for some reason want to read through this which includes some omitted stuff. It's in chronological order of things said in the stream and has some time stamps.


CSPPA - Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association

"Who does this union really fucking serve?"

ESIC - Esports Integrity Commission

"They have been put in an impossible position."

Stream Sniping

"They're all at it in the online era, they're all at it, they're all cheating, they're all using exploits, probably that see through smoke bug got used a bunch of times"

Match Fixing

"How many years have we let our scene be fucking pillaged by these greedy cunts?" "We just let it happen."

North America

"Everyone in NA has left we've lost a continents worth of support during this pandemic and Valve haven't said a fucking word."


"TO's have treated CS talent like absolute human garbage for years now."


"Anything that Riot does, is better than Valve's inaction"

Closing Statements

"We've peaked. If we want to sustain and exist, now is the time to figure it out. No esports lasts as long as this, we've already done 8 years. We've already broke the records. We have got to figure out a way to coexist and drive the negative forces out and we need to do it as a collective and we're not doing that."

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Icefrog, please remove the casino items. This is not dota anymore.

Enemy lifestealer gets havoc on top of his 6 item build. He then proceeds to rape even harder.
On our team? We got jack shit because RNG.
Even if we got the same item, is still crap idea.
C'mon man, why you wanna do this to us? You really think dota cannot survive without neutral drops?
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Dear Valve, I really don't need 5 untradable Death Prophet sets or the same Beastmaster set thrice. Please let us gift or do something else with these. At this point they are just taking up space and I have friends that could use these.

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Has anyone taken this into consideration? (Fake RNG)

Small thing regarding recent drama.
In programming, we learn that true RNG is Impossible in any computer.
The only way to make true random on a computer is to attach some true random seed to it, like a decaying radioactive component. Some companies actually earn money with this kind of true RNG generation, selling it to online casinos and such. I'm pretty sure Minecraft does not do that since the RNG generation is done client-side.
Most of us have encountered really weird shit in games, things that have extremely low odds, and that is probably because true random simply doesn't exist in games. Some games even have ways of making RNG seem more real, by increasing odds when it fails, like DOTA 2, for example: if you have a 20% chance of critical strike, and you get a normal hit, that chance increases a bit, until you get a critical strike and it resets. Now I'm not sure if Minecraft has it system, maybe it does, then the it might be OK to use statistics.
Still, I'm baffled that nobody has mentioned fake RNG and that normal statistics don't apply to digital games... It's such a known fact.
EDIT: As pointed out by people, it's on section 9 of the accusation paper.
Ok, so the usual Java stuff. It can fail, it can show inconsistencies. Even if it is designed to mitigate the flaws, they are still there. I mean, we experience inconsistencies in RNG in games like this all the time, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case.
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[H] Hundreds of tradable steam game gifts, removed game gifts, steam keys, more [W] TF2 Keys, Paypal
Most non-removed games I'd be happy to trade for store price in csgo keys at paypal value, so a collector can just have the gift. I have no attachment to 99% of this stuff, anymore. Most gifts are certainly less than store price, as well.
Do NOT waste my time by offering other games or other gifts.
Anything priced in cash is the PAYPAL PRICE ONLY
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2064: Read Only Memories
7 Grand Steps
A Virus Named Tom
AI War: Fleet Command
Beat Hazard Ultra
Chroma Squad
Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble
Double Fine Adventure Documentary
Dusty Revenge: Co-Op Edition
Girls Like Robots
GRAV (Early Access)
Guacamelee! Gold Edition
Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition
Guns of Icarus Online
Hand of Fate
Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora Deluxe
Human Resource Machine
Invisible, Inc.
JumpJet Rex
Luna's Wandering Stars
Mini Metro
Monster Loves You
Mushroom 11
Ninja Pizza Girl
No Time to Explain
Nuclear Throne
Overgrowth Steam key
Potatoman Seeks the Troof
Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut
Retro Game Crunch
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
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Super Hexagon
Super Meat Boy
The Swapper
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Steamworld Heist
PAYDAY 2 - E3 2016 Mask Pack
PAYDAY 2 - The Golden Grin Casino Heist DLC
Dead Space Steam Key
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Steam Key
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Steam Key
Trine 2: Complete Story Steam Key
Mark of the Ninja
Gunmetal Arcadia Zero (Steam, Humble Monthly)
Eets Munchies Steam Key
Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition
Saints Row 2
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising Steam Key
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
Mirror's Edge Steam Key
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[Discussion]Dota 2 jackpot/casino website

My name is Tzontzo and I am an eager bettor and dota 2 player :).
I am planning to make a website with the jackpot and flip the coin(dire vs radiant) systems for Dota2.
For those who don't know how the jackpot system works, check below:
  1. You deposit items onto a website.
  2. The items are valued according to Steam Market.
  3. The items are added in a pot. Only one winner.
  4. Who bets more, has more chances to win.
As an example: I bet items worth 90 dollars. One of you bets items for 10 dollars. The pot is 100 dollars and I have 90% chances to take the pot, while you have 10% chances to win the pot.
To explore this idea visually, you can check the following websites:
What do you guys think? Would you be interested?
Any feedback is welcomed, even if it's criticism, as long as there are valid arguments.
PM or here in the thread is well.
P.S. Looking for someone who can give advice for setting up a steam bot. :)
Long live Dota 2!
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[H] Dota 2 Casino [W] Players

I started working on this back in December having no idea what would become of it. The idea was simply to create a program where fellow gamblers like myself could gamble away items they didn't want, their friends didn't want, and were too worthless to sell. So Alfred was created. He was very simple (far from what i imagined he would be) just one game mode and you could only play with commons. Within the first 48 hours of release, the bot's friends list was maxed out. Today there are 3 different game modes, 2 prize pools, and the ability to play with Commons, Uncommons, Rares, and Keys. I've recieved both hate and love for my creation. I'd love for you to give it a shot and tell me what you think.

Steam Group

1 Ticket = 1 Common.
Instructions are provided on the group page. They are also sent to you when you add the bot to your friends list.
Available Game Modes
  1. Slots
  2. Instant Win
  3. Scratchers

Uncommon Prize Pool!

bigger prizes mean smaller chances of winning
Level Prize
Grand Prize Level 20 Keys!
First Prize Level 8 Keys
Second Prize Level 3 Keys and 1 Rare
Third Prize Level 1 Keys and 3 Rares
4th 4 Rares
5th 10 Uncommon
6th 1 Rare and 1 Uncommon
7th 4 Uncommon
8th 3 Uncommon
9th 2 Uncommon
10th 1 Uncommon
11th 1 Ticket

Common Prize Pool

Level Prize
Grand Prize Level 5 Keys!
First Prize Level 8 Rares
Second Prize Level 3 Rares and 1 Uncommons
Third Prize Level 1 Rare and 3 Uncommons
4th 4 Uncommons
5th 10 Commons
6th 1 Uncommon and 1 Common
7th 4 Commons
8th 3 Commons
9th 2 Commons
10th 1 Common
11th 1 Ticket
If you have any questions or problems, please contact me via Steam or submit a post on the steam group forums.
P.S. I have already submitted proof to the mods on this forum that this is not a scam. Please do not waste their time with frivolous reports.
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Playing in my first esport tournament. I NEED HELP.

Hey guys I've played dota 2 sometime. Its been a lifelong dream of mine to play in the competitive scene. I've decided to say fuck it and send it. But have know idea what to do now. Playing dota 2 in the mgm grand casino. Does anyone have any experience with this, that could tell me what to expect.
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Dota and Chelsea Coexisting (Perth Casino)

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How to improve Dota

I'm a little over 30 years old. I have been playing Dota 2 since its inception in this world. I have never streamed to get at least some level of rating since the last six months. During these six months I played quite a few games, raised 800 mmr, from 200 to 1000. I played a lot of games, I watched matches, watched games, streamers tried to learn how to play better. Consider everything you can. But every time I crash against the game, or rather, my team is terribly disappointing to me. I've gotten better at farming and playing better, but I can't waste 4 hours every day and see people make the same mistakes all the time. And now I want to tell you why this is happening. What does Valwe do for the player? This is 1 large patch per year, 30 patches with micro-edits that only a genius can take into account, since not everyone can even read and then try what has changed in such a volume and then try to understand how it will be reflected in the game. Most of the players play for the sake of relaxation and pleasure, partly for the sake of content (which is simply not in Dota), and partly for the sake of rating (it should be borne in mind that 40-60% of players play a rating because there is a role-based search and it seems better with picks, but people do not play rating for the sake of learning and raising it significantly).
Valve also made an event. Hooray. They sometimes make treasures and visual content, while getting this news content often requires spending both time and money. And you have to spend so much money that you can buy 3-4 top games, and speaking about the compendium, you can say this is a scary casino in which you leave a lot of money, getting hundreds of empty levels, hundreds of effects for rent, and units of sets for always, which you will manage as 10-15 good games, and the statuette of aegis as 20-30 good games, you will get tired of waiting for it, and a very cheap product will come to you, which costs like one good game, and then I probably less. That is, content in Dota is more expensive than any similar game. At times cheaper than lol. What else is Valve doing? Nothing! There is no reward system in this game, it was broken 5 years ago. When you were given some random things for the game, then everyone traded them. But now it would be possible to do the same, but without the possibility of sale. This is found in every game of a similar type. In general, other online games are more generous than Dota. It seems to me that if a person plays for a long time and he has no ambitions to become a pro player, he will become and he will not monetize his passion for dota, most likely he will become not the kindest person in the game, since the game spits on you initially, who is not a guest for her she is glad. And the slave who owes her or the nonentity to whom she could not please. There is nothing in the game that would make the community kinder, thousands of patches for straightening the conceived balance, which are made not for most players at all, but for the sake of cyber sports, it seems to me that ordinary players do not like this, and no one likes it, including cybersportsmen, but for example, their opinion is not so important, since the game is made for people, and not for cybersportsmen. And the dissatisfaction of athletes with the balance, in general, it is not very possible to take into account they receive money for their work, and their job is to play this game. I don't think their opinion matters. But Valve listens more to this particular side, people who monetize their content, but the Valve community is not paying attention. Request if you want to make the game better: 1) Start with a good promotion and player reward system. Remember that the Dota community is not very large, and from this small community, a small part of people pay so much money that it was already possible to create DotA 3 and 4. But it gets mostly seasonal effects and empty levels. This is the best paid content. Others don't pay because they don't need empty levels and seasonal effects. And not everyone can pay 300-700 dollars for a set of 30-50 sets of sets for a hero. Considering that the best can be obtained only by paying $ 300 or more, and then there is a chance that you will not get it. We need new players, they need accessible content, remove empty levels and make everything effects permanent content, it's enough for us to rent the same thing every year. Make random rewards for several matches or for the profile level drop out. Create seasonal battle passes, like in the same lol, look at the game Realm Royal, the game is weak in itself, but take a look at the developers who make crazy battle passes. Take away the opportunity to profit from things, that's disgusting. Make it possible to get all things if I'm a new player remove the exclusive. Revise the compendium system, remove empty levels, all effects and all rewards should be permanent, and all exclusives should be available for random drops, and in the new year there should be a free powerful event in which everyone can get a bunch of points for completing tasks, and will be able to use any previously released object. Take away the opportunity to sell things, or reconsider this approach, today's black market is not the case. 2) Do you remember the opportunity to put snowmen or transform trees into Christmas trees. This opportunity is just a treasure. Create packs of different resources to transform the landscape and sell them in the Dota store. Create normal and give the opportunity to transform the landscape, as people want or as it is more convenient for them. Perhaps comas need brighter textures. Someone is darker, which was more convenient, who may want to stand out. Give the opportunity to customize the landscape and save it. Create a generator, which itself will change the textures of the terrain from the available player texture packs. Many people will like this feature. Don't put high prices on these things. 3) Start selling all possible items except the exclusive from the compendium in your store, and make this store more attractive already. With normal filters, make it fast. And an exclusive from the comendium, there should also be an opportunity to get it once a year for the new year, and if a person plays the right amount of points to acquire it. And there must be boosters of experience and different points. It seems that in 2013, quicksters were used in the compendium and that was cool. 4) More heroes, wider meta, coming players will not understand such a narrow meta of the game. Many people want to play more heroes, but half of the heroes just nobody takes almost, since in many games this is an auto defeat. 5) Create promotional content, cool videos like on an international, create a couple of cool tracks in honor of Dota. Today Dota looks like she died a few years ago, and those who talk about it and play it are people from a strange cult who patyuet to revive it. It looks strange. Dota needs a rework of the graphical interface, brighter and more beautiful in the menu and not only. She needs beautiful sets, you have direct x 11, most sets look a hundred times scarier and simpler than sets from lol to direct x 11. Answer how is that? Redo a bunch of common stuff. Remove these gradations, make only 5, and by colors: silver, blue, gold, platinum, diamond. 6) Conduct contests for the best art, the best movie, the best cards. But especially the best cards. After all, custom cards can also be sold. And the best ones should be in the mini game store. Only there should be support from the authors, and all the tools for creating these maps, it should be easy to understand, there should be a library of knowledge, which will be filled with developers. 7) Fix all bugs, make Dota more responsive and better update the engine. I think all these things together can bring the game to life. My anger in the beginning is what most Dota players do. This is awful and needs to be finished. And it is very bad when the legendary company Valve is so slow, so bad, so not prudent, and so conservative. To my terrible regret, Valve is similar to the previously also very cool Blizzard company. Only in the case of Blizzard, everything is clear that this is their creative impotence. And they are unlikely to ever return to normal solutions. And the Valve can become an idol again. It's a matter of working time to make right decisions. You should have more games besides Dota, but I could write about this another time! Everything was written by me through a google translator, I'm sorry, I don't know English well. But I really want what I love to become better! If you need the original text for a better translation, I am ready to send it, ask for it via feedback.
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Dota 2 Casino - Status
For those who aren't aware, Dota 2 Casino is a third-party site who aims to provide a safe 'gambling experience', and it puts Dota 2 items (specific value for Keys, Rares, Uncommons and Commons) as wagers. Instead of the bets being placed on matches and odds though, it lets the gamblers interact with bots on games like Black Jack, Lucky 9 and Double or nothing. While I haven't been really keen on this, a lot of people were attracted to it. Having been part of various community Dota 2 (trading?) groups (Facebook), I have seen that a lot were eager about it.
It recently encountered a bug though, wherein some people were given more keys (winnings) than they should have. Together with this bug, a lot of people were not able to get credits on the items they placed in.
The status on their site placed this:
Bots could not check their inventories last night. All keys were wiped > out by a few people who took advantage of this bug. These are the people who stole your keys. Please contact Valve to receive a refund:
I happen to know one of them, so I asked him when I saw his name tagged by a friend regarding a post on the Dota 2 Casino. It turned out that he has a total winning of 80 keys, but he was able to claim 255 in total. He happily accepted the keys that that the bot traded him.
While I don't agree with his action, I would picture it to be something that many would do (If you are reading this, I am not referring to you. We people of Dota are amazing after all). However, he was really displeased that the owner had quoted him to have 'stolen' the keys while he technically did not, and that the programmer has not yet addressed him about it.
I convinced him to return the keys, in return that whoever was behind that should clear his name. Upon their conversation last night, this is what transpired (convo via Steam):
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Now you see me: Are you sure i "stole" the keys? Dominus: yes Dominus: i have the logs Now you see me: is it your system's fault not mine? who would decline free keys from bot Now you see me: besides i didnt use any programs or software to hack or hijack your system Now you see me: its your problem not mine. Dominus: they are everyones keys Dominus: and you took them Dominus: i have your irl info Now you see me: i took them how? just traded the bot and gave me free keys? yes you can come im in philippines. you want to come here? Dominus: exactly, but you knew it was a bug Now you see me: and its my fault? Dominus: i can come back form this, but the decision you're making right now is going to have serious > conseuences one way or the other. i dont think you fully understand. maybe you are young. but dont throw away your future over some stupid keys Now you see me: My future? are you serious we can talk this even on court. Now you see me: Its your fault, not mine. So dont blame this on me Now you see me: Its like picking up free chips in Real Casino Dominus: you have 24 hours to return the keys. after that, the next time you communciate with me will > not be via steam Now you see me: Do whatever you want. Now you see me: Its not my fault Now you see me: its yours Dominus: you stole. theres no other way to look at it. Now you see me: Stole? Come on, your bot is giving away free keys. How come ur telling that its stealing Now you see me: Its your system's problem Dominus: because you knew the keys werent yours Dominus: and you continued to withdraw Dominus: now no one else can play Dominus: because you took all the keys you didnt win Dominus: you took from everyone who plays the casino Now you see me: So this is my fault? Come on Dominus: yes Now you see me: Ok, convince yourself that its my fault not yours Now you see me: Im done talking to you Dominus: i can create a bug, but i didnt take everyones keys away Now you see me: In the first place you cant do anything because ITS YOU guys fault why it become like this. I didnt run or install any program to hack your system. Dominus: you knew it was a bug Dominus: you knew they werent your keys Dominus: you took them Dominus: you refused to return them Dominus: so yes Dominus: you are to blame. and i am holdying you responsible Now you see me: Convince yourself more Now you see me: Im done with you talking Now you see me: You create a game that can be like this and you think when the problem occurs, it’s the player's problem? You must be kidding me.
Anyway, because of that approach, my friend decided not to return the keys. He also told me that Dominus accused him of having stolen majority of the 1,000 missing keys. As per my calculation, he received a total of 175 keys.
I have no other information other than what he had told me, so I would appreciate if Dominus or someone else would come correct me or shed some more light into the matter.
I just have some concerns that the new items (commons, uncommons, rares, keys) by bettors added were not being credited, as I don’t think it has nothing to do with the keys missing. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the bot who distinguishes the rarity in return for the credits.
Additionally, Dominus has also added those who mentioned on his Status page on his Steam profile, including their Facebook URLs. He also has curiously a lot of ‘buying keys’ persons on his Steam’s comments section.
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SirenaCasino-Bahis Oranları

Sirenacasino Bahis Oranları

Mobil ödeme alan bahis sitelerinden biri olan Sirenacasino canlı bahis sitesi, yüksek bahis oranları sayesinde bahis ve canlı bahis kuponlarından oldukça yüksek paralar kazanmanızı sağlamaktadır.
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Sirenacasino Hoş Geldin Bonusları

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Dota 2 jackpot/casino website

My name is Tzontzo and I am an eager bettor and dota 2 player :).
I am planning to make a website with the jackpot and flip the coin(dire vs radiant) systems for Dota2.
For those who don't know how the jackpot system works, check below:
  1. You deposit items onto a website.
  2. The items are valued according to Steam Market.
  3. The items are added in a pot. Only one winner.
  4. Who bets more, has more chances to win.
As an example: I bet items worth 90 dollars. One of you bets items for 10 dollars. The pot is 100 dollars and I have 90% chances to take the pot, while you have 10% chances to win the pot.
To explore this idea visually, you can check the following websites: (has both jackpot and flip the coin systems)
What do you guys think? Would you be interested?
Any feedback is welcomed, even if it's criticism, as long as there are valid arguments.
PM or here in the thread is well.
P.S. Looking for someone who can give advice for setting up a steam bot. :)
Long live Dota 2!
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Bahis Oranları

Bahis Oranları

Sirenacasino Bahis Oranları

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Sirenacasino Hoş Geldin Bonusları

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Sirena Casino Sitesi

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Sirenacasino Yüksek Kayıp Bonusu

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  • %25 Kayıp Spor Bonusu
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  • %25 Sanal Bahis Kayıp Bonusu
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Dota 2 Casino is a joke

Has anyone here used Dota2casino? Well recently, I've been playing it and I've been winning, I've won like 10 keys from it already. I've been putting 25 keys to get 25000 credits, then suddenly a while ago I traded 25 keys again and i won again. But then i can't buy keys anymore it says i have unplayable credits (4000) and then i bet 4000 and suddenly it said I have (14000) unplayable credits, till I lost it all, because i had no choice but to play it since the unplayable credits just kept going up. Can anyone enlighten me with this?
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Betflip Casino 20 Free Spins Bonus No Deposit Required

Betflip Casino 20 Free Spins Bonus No Deposit Required

Betflip Casino Gratis Spins and Promotions
Collect 20 free spins to Betflip Casino just by opening your new-player account. In addition, take advantage of 100% welcome bonus on first deposit and 100 extra free spins on top of that! Play over 3000+ crypto games, enjoy instant payments and fast cashout! Bitcoin accepted! Mobile play is OK!
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How to Deposit on BetFlip Casino

BetFlip is a great site if you’re a dedicated crypto currency gambler and want plenty of options when it comes to using top digital coins – but it also offers excellent flexibility to play with crypto via a regular card. When it comes to directly depositing from your crypto wallets, you can instantly scan a QR code and deposit with Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Tron. You just need to just click Add Currency to start using a new coin. Alternatively, you can click the Pay with Card (or other payment) button if you want to pay with Euros, RUB or USD and have them deposited as crypto.

Bonuses: Claiming a bonus on BetFlip review

If you’re seeking a crypto casino that keeps on rewarding you as a new player, then BetFlip casino and virtual sportsbook, is definitely an interesting option. In total, across your first 10 deposits, you can claim a bonus worth up to 555% up to €10000 / 1 BTC and 500 free spins. You can see how the initial welcome bonus and subsequent bonuses work, with our analysis of the promotions below, at the time of this BetFlip casino review:

Welcome bonus club at BetFlip

When you make a deposit of at least €15 / 0.002 BTC (€15 equivalent in other currencies) then you will activate the welcome reward, giving you 100% up to €1000 or crypto equivalent plus 100 free spins. The deposit and bonus need playing-through a x45 wagering requirement, where game weighting applies and ranges from 100% on most slots, down through different levels to zero for some games (we advise checking this list before the bonus round to select the 100% games). Free spin winnings are capped at 0.008 BTC / €50 or currency equivalent.
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You can claim an additional nine BetFlip deposit bonuses after claiming the initial welcome reward. You need to deposit €15 / 0.002 BTC or equivalent in other currencies to claim each bonus.
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Playing on BetFlip Casino

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BetFlip Games & Sports

BetFlip Casino features a diverse range of games across slots, jackpots, table games, live dealer rooms, virtual, and an Esportsbook

Slots & Jackpots

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Provably Fair

BetFlip offers six Provably Fair cryptocurrency games at the time of this BetFlip Casino review – Zeppelin, X90, Plinko, Mines, Spin Wheel, Dice, Coin Flip. In addition to very fair and transparent results, these games offer a cool retro style that’s a hallmark of crypto casino games at this point in time.

Casino and Live

With over 200 classic and live games, BetFlip offers high-class options for players of every level and budget. The live casino is particularly impressive – thanks to games from Ezugi, Evolution, Pragmatic, Xpro, and BetGames TV. The net result is a site that offers an excellent live casino since you get to play games from four of the top live gaming studios.

Esports & Virtuals

BetFlip is developing its Esports betting options, letting you place wagers on games such as DOTA 2 and other top Esport events. The Virtuals section at the time of this BetFlip review is more extensive, offering 3D sports games and leagues, across options including football, horse racing, tennis, greyhounds, and motorsport.

Mobile Experience

At the time of this BetFlip casino review, the site doesn’t have a downloadable BetFlip app to download on mobile devices. Instead, BetFlip’s ultra-modern design and tech, is mobile-optimised, meaning it’s playable directly in your phone or tablet’s browser. You can enjoy the full BetFlip functionality, games, crypto banking and bonuses, via compatible mobile devices. Most modern smartphones are compatible with BetFlip.


BetFlip has a 24/7 live chat facility, support via email using [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) – and the choice to toggle languages between English German Polish Russian Spanish to optimise the site performance.

Withdrawal on BetFlip Casino

As we’ve already covered in this BetFlip Casino review, BetFlip offers an excellent range of crypto deposit options – and the banking quality extends to its range of withdrawal options. You can withdraw using fiat currency (EUR, USD, RUB) or BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, DOGE, DASH, TRX, BCH, and ZEC. All withdrawals are fee-free and have good minimum and maximum transaction levels.
  • BTC: Min 0.002 – Max. 0.8
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Promotions on BetFlip Casino

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Wednesday’s Free Spin Boom
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You’ll also find regular Virtual sports and Sportsbook bonuses at BetFlip with weekly and monthly offers.

BetFlip Casino review: Our Rating

As revealed throughout this BetFlip casino review, this is a 100% dedicated casino and sportsbook for crypto users – delivering high quality whether you’re wanting to deposit and play with crypto via a card, or directly using BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, DOGE, DASH, TRX, BCH or ZEC. BetFlip’s ultra-modern interface delivers over 2000 games, Esports and virtuals, jackpots, and an excellent live gaming lounger. The addition of welcome bonuses up to 555% welcome bonus up to €10,000 + 500 free spins, makes BetFlip a strong pick.
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Sirencasino Yatırım – Çekim İşlemleri

Sirencasino Yatırım – Çekim İşlemleri

Sirenacasino Yatırım – Çekim İşlemleri

Papara kabul eden bahis sitelerinden biri olan Sirenacasino canlı bahis sitesi, masrafsız para yatırım ve para çekim işlemleriyle kullanıcılarına en etkili ve en kaliteli hizmeti vermeye devam ediyor. Sirenacasino canlı bahis sitesi üzerinden hesabınıza yatırım yapabilmek için RocketPay, Papara, FaturaPay, MaksiPapara, Havale, Anında Havale, Kredi Kartları, Sanal Kart, PTT Havale Anında Papara, QR Kod ve Cepbank gibi güvenilir bahis ödeme yöntemlerini, hesabınızdan para çekmek için de Banka Havale, Papara ve Kredi Kart gibi hızlı para çekim yöntemlerini kullanabilirsiniz.
Sirenacasino güncel giriş adresi linkine tıkladıktan sonra ana sayfada yer alan Para Yatırma sekmesine tıklayarak yatırım, Para Çekme sekmesine tıklayarak da para çekim işlemi gerçekleştirebilirsiniz.
Sirenacasino canlı bahis sitesi üzerinden hesabınıza para yatırmanız halinde faydalanabileceğiniz yüksek yatırım bonusları ise şunlardır:
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  • %15 Kredi Kartı Bonusu
  • %25 Çevrimsiz Anında Havale Bonusu
  • %25 Çevrimsiz Papara Bonusu
  • %20 Çevrimsiz Havale Bonusu
  • %15 Casino Bonusu

Sirenacasino Kombine Kupon Bonusu

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4 maç için %4, 5 maç için %5, 6 maç için %10, 7 maç için %15, 8 maç için %20, 9 maç için %25, 10 maç için %30, 11 maç ve üzeri için ise %35 oranında kombine kupon bonusu veren Sirenacasino ile bahis oynayarak canlı bahisten para kazanabilirsiniz.

Sirena Casino Sitesi

Güvenilir casino siteleri arasında yer alan Sirenacasino sitesi, Casual Oyunlar, Yeni Oyunlar, Video Poker, TV Games, Kazı Kazan Oyunları, Klasik Slotlar, Hidden, Masa Oyunları, Table Poker, Video Slotlar, Lottery Games, Kartlar, Rulet ve Sanal Bahis kategorileri üzerinden casino, Canlı Rulet, Canlı Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, Baccarat, Türkçe Rulet, Canlı Bakara, Dragon Tiger Super, Six Baccarat ve Bet On Teen Patti üzerinden de güvenilir online casino oyun hizmeti alabilmenizi sağlıyor.
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Spin Casino - free spin no deposit bonus (Multi Win Wheel)

Spin Casino - free spin no deposit bonus (Multi Win Wheel)

Spin Casino Free Play and Bonus Wheel
Get one no deposit free spin on Multi Win Wheel at Spin Casino! Here you can win up to 100 extra free spins on Microgaming slots and a $1000 free money bonus on all games, including jackpots and live dealer. Are you ready to spin and win with us?
>> Grab Your Free Chances and Bonuses <<

Claim a 100% deposit bonus up to €400,-

At Spin Casino you will also be welcomed with a generous deposit bonus. Every new player can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to €400,-. You can trigger this bonus by making a minimum deposit of €10,-. This means Spin Casino will double every deposit you make between €10,- and €400,-. When you for example make a €150,- deposit, you will receive a €150,- bonus. In this case, you can start playing with a €300,- total balance. On top of this, you will receive the money you have collected during your 50 free spins.
Bonus funds at Spin Casino are subject to a 50 times wagering requirement. This wagering requirement is only for the bonus, and not for the deposit. When you for example make a €100,- deposit, you will get a €100,- bonus. In this case, you will need to wager 50 x €100,- = €5.000,-. All bonus money you win during your free spins will also be subject to a 50 times rollover requirement. In the bonus terms and conditions on the promotions page, you will find all the important terms and conditions. Below we have summed up to most important ones.

Significant bonus terms and conditions

  • New customers only;
  • 18 years and older;
  • Minimum deposit amount to trigger bonus is €10,-;
  • Maximum bonus is €300,-;
  • All deposit bonuses have an x50 wagering requirement;
  • Only available first 7 days after opening account;
>> Grab Your Free Chances and Bonuses <<

Reload your account with two €300 match-up bonuses

In addition to a generous €400,- welcome offer Spin Casino offers you the chance to reload your account with a bonus twice. During both your second and third deposit you can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to €300,-. This offers you the chance to grab another €600,- in bonuses. All in all this means you can claim up to €1.000,- in bonuses at Spin Casino.
Please note the welcome offers at Spin Casino are only valid during the first 7 days counting from the day you have opened your account. The reload bonuses are available for all new customers who make a deposit of €10,- or more. The reload offers are also subject to a 50 times wagering requirement. Have a look at the bonus terms and conditions for more information.

Significant bonus terms and conditions

  • New customers only;
  • 18 years and older;
  • Minimum deposit amount to trigger bonus is €10,-;
  • Maximum bonus per deposit is €300,-;
  • All reload bonuses have an x50 wagering requirement;
  • Only available first 7 days after opening account;
>> Grab Your Free Chances and Bonuses <<

Game portfolio Spin Casino

At Spin Casino you will find a wide range of casino slots. All in all the casino offers over 600 Microgaming slots. This includes all popular titles such as Thunderstruck, Break da Bank, Immortal Romance, and Ariana. When you launch the ‘’Vegas’’ part of Spin Casino you will find more slot games. This includes the full line of NetEnt slots. These amazing slot games are very popular with desktop and mobile players. A few of the most played NetEnt slots are Starburst, Jack Hammer, Gonzo’s Quest and Steam Tower. When you open the lobby you will be able to view the full line of available video slots.

Table games

Spin Palace offers besides slots various other quality online casino games. You will for example be able to hit it big on one of the many Microgaming progressive jackpot slots. All of these jackpots can get huge and some of them even exceed 10 million euros from time to time. Some of the most popular jackpot slots at Spin Palace are;
  • Mega Moolah;
  • Cash Splash;
  • King Cashalot;
  • Major Millions;
  • Tunzamunni;
In addition to these titles, Microgaming offers loads of other jackpot games such as Fruit Fiesta, Jackpot Deuces, LotsaLoot, Poker Ride, and Treasure Nile. You will be able to enjoy these jackpot slots on any type of device. Although this is the case I think most players prefer to play these on desktop. The main reason for this is that the older design of most of these games doesn’t really show well on mobile screens.
One other game type where Microgaming is famous for are table games. In the lobby you will find a very extensive list of table games. These games usually offer interesting payouts and high RTP’s. Because of this, they are popular with most high rollers in online casinos. Some of the most popular games in Spin Palace Casino are;
  • Blackjack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Roulette;
  • 3 Card Poker;
  • Craps;
  • Hold’em High;
  • Red Dog;
And there is plenty more. Only Blackjack is already available in Atlantic City, Classic, Spanish, European, and Vegas Strip style. On top of this the game portfolio offers many variety games such as Card Climber, Flip Card, High Speed Poker, Multi Wheel Roulette and Cyberstud. You can enjoy most of these games using a limit varied from €2,- up to €1.000,- per hand. This makes them perfectly suitable for players with both a small and big gambling budget.

Video Poker

You will find video poker games at most online casinos and Spin Palace is no exception. This is a good thing since many online players love to play these types of games. All in all Spin Palace offers a portfolio of around 30 different video poker games. This includes different variants of video poker such as ‘’gold series’’ and ‘’multi-hand’’. Below you will find an overview of some of the available games. Enter the lobby to have a look at the full range.
  • Aces & Eights Poker
  • Aces and Faces
  • All Aces Poker
  • Deuces Wild Poker
  • Deuces Wild Bonus Poker
  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Jacks or Better Poker
  • All American
  • Bonus Poker
  • Deuces & Joker Poker
  • Joker Poker
  • Louisiana Double Poker
  • Tens or Better Poker

Live Casino

While collecting your deposit bonuses at Spin Casino you will also be able to play a thrilling collection of live casino games. Spin Live is home to the full range of live dealer games by Evolution Gaming. This includes the traditional table games, but also the newer exciting game shows. The more traditional games include Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, and Live Baccarat. On top of this, you can play the Lightning version of some games which enhance the maximum win up to x500 per number. The selection of game shows offers more fun orientated games including Live Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. I recommend launching Spin Live to view the full range of available games.

Sports and e-sports betting (in-play)

To provide you in all your gambling needs Spin also offers Spin Sports, Spin In-Play and Spin e-Sports. Using Spin Sports you can place bets on upcoming sports events. Since the sportsbook offers the most dynamic markets you will be able to enjoy great odds at any time. The sportsbook offers a wide range of sports to bet on. This includes Football, Tennis, Basketball, American Football, Hockey and more. Because of this you will be able to bet on all huge sporting leagues. Some of the most popular sports events are the NFL Championships, the Australian Open, the Premier League, FA CUP and UFC. When you open your free account at the sportsbook today you will be able to enjoy a free bet up to €200,-.
Using Spin In-Play you can bet on sports events that happen right now (live). This section of Spin is getting more and more attention lately. The main reason for this is that they offer a wide range of markets to bet on. In addition to this odds are above the market standards and the amount of sports events is increasing every month. As a new customer, you can also enjoy a free bet up to €200,- at Spin In-Play. Terms apply.

Significant bonus terms;

  • Only available during your first deposit;
  • New customers 18+ only;
  • The maximum value of your free bet is €200,-;
  • Minimum deposit of €10,- is required.
  • Wagering requirement is x5 at minimum odds of 1.3;
One last piece of the Spin platform I would like to mention is Spin e-Sports. Although e-Sports is still an upcoming phenomenon in online betting it is already available at Spin. You can now bet on various international gaming events. Some of the most popular games to bet on are Counter-Strike, Overwatch, League of Legends, Starcraft, Dota 2 and Rainbow Six. Spin e-Sports always offers the best available odds and many secure payment options. This makes it a great choice for everyone who like to try a bet on their favourite gaming events. All e-Sports bettors are now also eligible to claim a €200,- free bet during their first deposit.
>> Grab Your Free Chances and Bonuses <<

Mobile gambling

People who enjoy some mobile action from time to time won’t be disappointment at Spin Casino. Using your smartphone or tablet you can easily get access to the mobile casino. This includes Android, iOs and other types of devices. In the mobile casino, you will find the regular selection of games and all the other functionalities. This includes slots, table games, live casino games, and betting. You can also make easy and secure deposits and withdrawals in the mobile casino. This ensures you will always be able to enjoy some spins while on the go or during your lunch break.

Loyalty Club; Enjoy many rewards at Spin Casino

From the moment you start playing at Spin Casino you will be able to collect points for the available loyalty program. Using the loyalty program you can enjoy many benefits and exclusive rewards. Every time you wager money on any of the available games you will be collecting points. These points are exchangeable for bonus credits. You can use these bonus credits to play games in the casino for free. In addition to these bonus credits you will also be able to enjoy;
  1. Tailored bonus offers just for you;
  2. Faster ways of earning new loyalty points;
  3. A dedicated account manager;
  4. Quicker support and fasted payments;
Depending on how often you play at Spin Palace you will be able to reach various loyalty levels. New players will be in the bronze loyalty tier. After this tier you can upgrade to the silver, gold and platinum tier. On top of these regular loyalty levels there are two more very exclusive loyalty levels. Players who reach the Diamond or Privé levels will enjoy countless benefits. When you sign up your account now and deposit you will be awarded with a Loyalty boost of 2.500 points. Claim them now to reach the bronze level.


A unique thing about Spin Palace is that the casino is available in countless languages. This makes the casino customer-friendly and understandable for players from across the globe. The main language of the website is English. But by using the menu you can switch to other languages. Spin Palace for example offers its website in France, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Latvian, Japanese, Thai, Greek, Arabic, Korean and Lithuanian. In addition to this most international languages are available for specific countries. Spin Palace for example offers Canadian English, New Zealand English and Irish. In my opinion, it is very user friendly that the casino has translated their website into so many different languages.


Spin Casino offers you various safe payment options to upload funds to your account. All payments are very secure since Spin Casino utilizes the latest encryption technology to make sure all details are safe. Open the cashier to view all available payment solutions for your geo. Depending on the country where you are living you will find a wide range of local and international payment methods. This includes VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Interac, Skrill, Trustly, iDebit and Neteller. Most of these payment options are available from as low as €10,- per transaction. In addition to euros Spin Casino also accept other currencies. This includes Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, and Great British Pounds.
When you are ready to cash out money you can request a payout. Simply visit the cashier and enter the number of funds you want to withdrawal. Once done your withdrawal will be approved within 24 hours in most cases. Only when extra verification is required this can take longer. When your withdrawal is accepted it will be paid instantly or within a few days. This all depends on the withdrawal method you have selected. Transfer to e-Wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are instant. Payment to credit or debit cards can take between 1 and 3 business days. If you have any questions regarding your withdrawal you can contact the 24/7 support desk.
>> Grab Your Free Chances and Bonuses <<


At Spin Casino they are very proud of their well-trained and knowledgeable support agents. If you have a problem or question you should definitely contact them. The support department is available all day long. Even during holidays! Simply pick one of the support methods and enjoy top quality support 24/7/365. For me, the easiest way to get support is the live chat. Through the live chat, you can type your question and send it. Once done, a support agent will respond within a few minutes. In most cases, this should be an easy way to solve most questions. If you have a more complicated question you can also send an email. The support inbox of Spin Casino is [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). In general, you will receive a response within 24 hours after sending an email.
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A history as to why Valve isn't fixing the bot problem, or even really doing anything for any of their franchises in general. (Repost, since I first posted this during a firestorm of random posts from bot creators trying to troll)

A very common question I hear concerning the bot crisis is "Why doesn't Valve care about TF2's crisis?" A lot of people consider it to be sheer laziness, but that would seem like an oxymoron, since that would lose them money if their game was unplayable, right? Not necessarily.
To understand why Valve isn't updating their games anymore, we need to go back to when they first started. It began when Gabe Newell, an employee at Microsoft, decided he would leave Microsoft to pursue his dream to be a video game developer. He and a few friends founded a small company, called "Valve," which would create video games on PC. At the time, the PC gaming community was relatively small, so it received little recognition, but it was still present and a profitable industry.
The first game Valve ever made was Half-Life, which sold a million copies within it's first 6 months of release and is commonly considered to have pioneered the PC gaming industry. They then went on to host their own platform, Steam, to release video games on PC. It was originally Valve titles only, but they soon started to allow third party companies to publish games on Steam.
One main source of profit that Valve had at the time, and still has today, is sales. We've all heard the jokes before about how Steam has a massive sale on a bunch of games and now all your money is gone, but there's probably some truth to that, since Steam sales are actually one of the greatest sources of income for Valve. This would eventually become one of Valve's main sources of money, with the other coming about in 2013, when they added cosmetic crates to TF2.
In 2013, the first ever cosmetic crates were added to the game. The idea of cosmetic drops that are luck based, with the added chance of an extra rare item (which nowadays come in the form of unusuals,) was very profitable, encouraging players to spend money to get good rewards. It's essentially the same logic as gambling; you are enticed to spend a lot of money to win big, but you spend so much on losses instead of gains that the casino (or Valve) ultimately profits off of you instead of vice versa.
Eventually, the idea of loot boxes was added to Counter Strike, and the loot crate idea spread like wildfire due to it's even greater success in CS. This ultimately led to many other companies using lootboxes, but for Valve, it was another huge source of profit, alongside Steam sales.
With that said, why isn't Valve updating TF2? As a matter of fact, what about Left 4 Dead, Portal, Half-Life, or basically anything other than things related to Virtual Reality? Put simply, from an economic standpoint, since Steam sales and loot boxes are so profitable on their own, Valve doesn't feel inclined to have to update TF2. Valve is pretty much a money machine by this point. Think WatchMojo in the sense that WatchMojo is releasing random Top Tens on YouTube to get views to make profit. In that same way, all Valve needs to do to be profitable is to keep adding more cosmetics to their games and keep having Steam sales. It's not even that hard to add new cosmetics and taunts to the game since the community has already made so many for Valve.
This may beg a question; what about Half-Life: Alyx? Why did Valve put so much into that? We don't know for sure, but what is known is that VR is a new technology, and Valve could just be trying to make profit and ultimately a money machine in the VR industry, just like they already have with the PC gaming industry. Also, why are DOTA 2 and CS:GO so consistently updated? It's because they are partially owned by other studios who, unlike Valve, want to keep updating their games.
So, to answer the question, why isn't Valve updating TF2, or really doing anything at all nowadays for that matter? It's just not profitable for them. So, what can we do? Unfortunately, since everything involved in this problem is economic based, there's not a lot we could do unless we wanted to go to the extreme and just outright boycott Valve. If you feel like that's a good idea, go ahead, but I'm not sure many people would be down for that. If you wanted to at least try something to get Valve to do something, the only thing that comes to mind would be to just stop buying loot crates. I honestly don't know what to do.
If you weren't aware of why Valve does so little, I hope this helps you.
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What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)1

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)1
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casino, dota 2 - YouTube

In Dota Auto Chess treffen sich die hart arbeitenden Kuriere aus dem Hauptspiel auf der Insel Drodo Island und treten dort in einem Casino im Schach gegeneinander an. Soweit die Rahmengeschichte. Try not to activate my trapcard. Powered by Restream 💪 SUPPORT US ON PATREON: ⚔️ JOIN DISCORD FOR TOURNAMENTS 👕 NON-CRINGY SHIRTS https://teespring.... FacebookвКонтакте Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group L'homme dota d'un nom chaque animal (Live au Casino de Paris / 1996) · Hugues Aufray Au Casino de Paris ℗ 1997 M... Like and subscribe to keep you updated! Credits: -Dota Circle Youtube Facebook https://www.facebook.... Машина в линию дала(да, да забыл скайбокс) About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Casino invoker vol 1 : to become a brother : your clip fail/cumback : [email protected]